Wednesday, March 27, 2013

By Friday...

So I'm not holding my breath for the next two days. But we are expecting some housing news by Friday.

Whether this is good news or bad news, I don't yet. We are just expecting news.

I texted my agent yesterday to ask him what the latest was with any of our offers. He informed me that the bank has finished their appraisal of the house that we have the primary offer on, the same house that we just barely resubmitted our contract forms for. The seller's agent is thus expecting to hear something from the bank by Friday.

This house does not match everything on my checklist. But, it is a good house. And in good shape. Aaaannndddddd the economy is starting to recover here. Which is good news for society in general. But terrible news for us right now. With the economy improving, interest rates are slowly starting to rise and the price of homes increase. I have not seen any new for sale houses posted, in the area we want, in our price range, for some time now.

So moral of this story. We are PRAYING for good news on Friday. Praying that the bank will accept our offer. Praying that we will be going under contract soon.

If, however, Friday presents itself with bad news, we will just keep trusting that Heavenly Father is hearing our prayers and answering them in a better way than we could even understand right now. And just for your information, bad news would be the bank returning our offer with a higher counter offer. We can't afford to go higher than our current offer.

So until Friday, I am trying to stay anxiously engaged and not think about it. I'm excited and nervous and anxious and scared and eager.

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