Monday, March 11, 2013

Devin's Data NINE months

Only a couple of days late... :)

Devin would NOT lay still to take a picture.
I finally convinced him to stay for a few seconds by letting him chew on a different domino.
He just wanted to sit up and eat the domino.

Weight: We will find out tomorrow at his check up.

Height: {ditto}

Clothing Size: it really varies depending on the brand. Generally 3-6. Some 6-9. He still fits into 0-3 pants they are just a little short. And his white Sunday shirt is 12 mon because of his neck size. (I don't think he has a chubby neck but the smaller shirts won't fit.)

Diaper Size: we just ran out of twos this past week and decided it wasn't worth it to buy more. So he is officially in 3s.

Milestones: can stand by himself for a couple of seconds and take two steps on his own, understands the word no and stops what he is doing if I use it (normally), he is still attempting to drink from a sippy cup. (He drinks from it just fine if I hold it but can't/ won't hold it himself.), he is beginning to understand object permanence (meaning if we try to hide a remote in the couch cushion or my iTouch in my pocket, he will stand on his tippy toes trying to get to the remote or try to reach in my pocket to pull out my iTouch)

Eating: he nurses about 4 times a day. He is becoming super picky. If he doesn't like something I try to feed him, he will clench his mouth shut and shake his head no. If he doesn't like something in front of him, he just drops it on the floor. Some days he only eats yogurt, scrambled eggs and veggie straws. Other days, he will eat whatever I am.

Sleeping: goes to bed about 8:30-9. Wakes up around 7 to nurse then back I bed for 2-2.5 hours. He takes a good nap in the evening sometime and a couple of short ones during the day. He will stay awake and play in the stroller for a while but normally gets drowsy and dozes while I go jogging.

Communication: says "mmm" then opens his mouth if he wants more food, I swear he has said "momma" a few times but I'm not sure if he gets it totally, comes to me and clings to me if he wants milk, if I try to nurse him when he is not hungry, he whines and won't latch on, shakes his head no if he doesn't want something

Likes: exploring anything new, playing with the dishwasher, laundry room, electric cords... you know... the forbidden stuff. Being with mommy-he seriously is my little buddy. Playing with a purple elephant car. He LOVES spoons and will take one with him almost everywhere he goes. Crossing his feet when sitting in his high chair/ shopping cart

Dislikes: waiting for milk, having his face cleaned, sitting on our laps for three hours during church!! (He super badly wants down to go crawl away and touch everything but he is such a good boy and will still sit there quietly.) He hates having his finger & toe nails trimmed!

Nicknames: Mr. Devin, Big Boy, Baby Bunny

Most Memorable Moment(s): his first haircut

Hardest Part: I thought we baby proofed our house pretty good. But everyday, he finds something else. I have to follow him constantly. And I can't do the dishes, sweep, etc when he is up because he tries to "help."

Lisa's Favorite Part: Cuddling with him and knowing that he loves me by his strong desire to be with me. And watching him learn. He is SO smart and it is amazing to see him grow! :)

Casey's Favorite Part: (I will update this later today sometime....)

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