Friday, March 1, 2013

I Love How...

Devin gives the biggest smiles! And the cutest facials.

 He has to hold a spoon in his hand or he won't eat.

He has to have food he can feed himself in front of him or he won't eat what I feed him.

He can use his pincer grasp and feed himself Cheerios.

He likes eating from my silverware better than his own.

He is starting to say "mmmm" then open his mouth. (It means more.)

He says "yum, yum" if he likes what he is eating. (This is really just a sound he makes.)

He shakes his head no if he doesn't want to eat something.

He really only likes yogurt, scrambled eggs and things he can feed himself. (And maybe the food we are eating. Maybe.) And even then he has to be in the mood.

He takes his arms out of the sleeved bib when he is done.

I especially love how Devin crosses his feet in his high chair.

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