Monday, March 18, 2013

I Stopped Counting Calories

This may not be the best way to loose weight for everyone. But it is working for me. I stopped counting calories. When I count calories, it turns into an absolute obsession on my part. And I end up counting and recounting calories several times a day--just to make sure that I stayed in my calorie budget. It was not working.

So I stopped.

Altogether just stopped counting calories. 
And I no longer feel like I am dieting but rather living.

I am still counting thought. Everyday I count to FIVE. 5 different servings or fruits or vegetables. And I try to eat them as close to their natural/ raw form as possible. And it works. Eating fruits and veggies everyday helps me feel fuller longer and always gives me a choice of something to eat if I'm hungry. Plus, I can easily count to 5 without it becoming an obsession.

Drum roll please...

(without counting any calories)

-2 pounds

P.S. Eating fruits and vegetables are not the only thing in my healthy lifestyle... stay tuned each week as I share a healthy tip along with my current weigh-in.

1 comment:

Becky said...

That's so exciting! You've freed yourself!! I firmly believe in listening to your body rather than counting calories (years of disordered eating and then counseling taught me that) and I fell so so so much better since I stopped counting! CONGRATS ON -2!!!

ps. i miss you.