Monday, March 25, 2013

The Pediatrician's Advice: one treat per week

A few weeks ago when I was talking to our pediatrician, he was asking about what foods Devin was eating. And for the most part, he is eating pretty much what we eat. Except when he is teething and then his diet basically consists of yogurt and crackers/ cheerios.

I asked the doctor how old Devin should be before he could eat sweets. And he said it was fine to let him try them right now. But. BUT that he should only be eating one treat per week. He told me that it is hard because once he goes to school, he will be bombarded with sugars and candy practically daily. But ideally, one sweet treat per week.

Something in my conversation with the doctor hit me pretty hard. If Devin is only allowed to have one treat per week then that means I can only have one treat per week. No sneaking chocolate chips or eating cookie dough or making single serving microwave cake after dinner. Because if I do that then in the not so distant future, Devin will be begging to eat all of those things too because he sees me eating them.

I had to stop my sweet indulgences (almost daily... even if they were in a small amounts or sugar free and low calorie). So Casey and I talked about. And he is supportive of limiting the sugar/ sugar-free foods (meaning I can't just make sugar-free treats all the time either) in our house so we can teach Devin to live healthy.

We decided our one treat per week will be on Monday nights with FHE. And if I can make the treat healthier and still have it taste just as good then I will. But if the healthy version tastes "healthy" then bring on the regular recipe. This also makes it easier to "diet" because I know that I can still eat all of the "bad" foods--just in moderation. And we decided to make an exception for holidays because life is worth celebrating. On the holiday itself, we will enjoy an additional sweet treat (be it a dessert or birthday cake or candy or etc) for the week. 

And in case you are wondering... when I'm dying to eat cookie dough, I now turn to chopped dates. They are sweet and coated in a flour of some type. Since I like the cookie dough the best and not the chocolate chips, the dates work perfect. I think it is the flour coating that I love! And if I'm just dying to have a treat in general, I have a sugar-free hard candy. One candy will last a long time and leave me feeling satisfied instead of deprived. Both of these are pretty much considered staples in our home now. (I buy the chopped dates in bulk from Winco so it is cheaper. The sugar-free candy is sold almost everywhere now, including the dollar store. I buy most of ours from the dollar store!) And... one more tip... I unfollowed all of the dessert, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc boards from pinterest. On Monday nights, I'm sure I can find a treat that we will love without having to see the temptations everyday, all the time!

So... this past week, we enjoyed Lava Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream.
And... Drumroll please... I still lost...

{-2 pounds!}

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