Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nonverbal Communication

I remember a young toddler in our student ward that had one form of communication. Screaming. I also remember talking to the mom and telling her what I had learned in some of my child development classes. Supposedly, you can teach a screaming toddler to talk or at least sign.

Lesson learned. I will never share textbook answers with anyone without real life experience as back up.

Devin is just like the kid in our BYU ward. He screams at times. He cries. He communicates--but not with words. And I try to teach him to sign. The problem is I know what he wants and he knows that I know. So he isn't motivated to sign or talk because he already communicates. Nonverbally.

Following me around the house and whining: "I'm thirsty."  Normally giving him the sippy cup is enough to calm him.

Following me around the house and crying: "I'm really thirsty. I only want milk. (Mommy's milk)."  By this point, I try to stop what I'm doing and go nurse him.

Following me around the house and screaming: "I'm dying of thirst. I want my milk NOW!"  I can't nurse him fast enough at this point. And this normally comes with him biting me because he is mad at me I guess or just so worked up that he forgets how to be gentle.

Hitting his high chair tray with his hand open: "I'm still hungry. More please."  He won't sign more. But he hits the tray at least.

Turning his head constantly when I try to feed him: "I want to do it myself."  So I give him some finger food and then after he feeds himself, he will eat what I'm trying to feed him. Or I give him a spoon and then he thinks he is feeding himself because he puts the spoon in and out of his mouth.

Turning his head and then whimpering when sitting in the high chair: "I'm thirsty. I want water."  Sippy cup it is.

Laying his head down on the high chair tray: "I'm done."  or sometimes "I just want a break then I will eat more later."

Laying his head down on the floor when he was crawling and crying: "I'm tired. I want to go to sleep in my bed."  Generally, he won't fall asleep on the floor. Instead he cries until I move him to his bed.

Coming up to me when I'm sitting then walking and hiding by the loveseat: "I want to play chase/ hide and seek."  We have a racetrack floor layout in our apartment. Devin likes to go around and around and have us follow. Or sometimes he will follow instead. Normally this is something Casey plays with him because it hurts my knees.

Standing on his tippy toes and reaching next to ____________: "I want whatever to play with whatever is off limits."  For example, if he does this on the couch, it means he wants to play with the remotes. He knows they are there if we are watching a movie, even if the remotes are completely out of sight. He also does this at the kitchen table to reach for plates of food (like right before we sit down to eat and I'm trying to get everything ready) or the mail or etc.

Knocking (or rather banging) on a closed door: "I know you're in there. I want to be with you." Sometimes I have no idea how he knows where I'm at because he will be occupied with a toy but the next thing I know, he is banging on the door. He is not allowed in any of the bedrooms or bathroom. If I'm taking awhile behind the closed door (like putting away clothes or showering) he will sit just outside the door and wait for me. If it is a really long time, he will go get a toy then comes back.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Casey and I were watching the sweetest movie the other night, "Love Begins." And I fell in love with this quote by Clark Davis, the main character.

"Memories are what our lives end up being.
We gotta hang on to the good ones.
Let the bad ones go-- never let 'em haunt us."

These are some of the memories I'm hanging on to!!

I absolutely LOVE this!!
He watches me so closely and tries to copy me all the time!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Verge of Tears

Short sale homes are a LOOOOOONG process. And ours doesn't seem to be getting any faster. I'm on the verge of tears. I just talked to our real estate agent and unfortunately, he doesn't know very much because he is just the messenger. All of the communication with the bank goes through a negotiator who then talks to the seller's agent. The seller's agent then tells our agent who then tells us. Basically there are a lot of "middle men" in this process.

Apparently this whole time the bank has had the wrong offer. We turned our offer in first and have been told we were primary. But the system the bank uses somehow got confused and they have been looking at someone else's offer this entire time even though ours was submitted first. Don't ask me how this happened because we already had to resign our offer because the seller's left the date off on the original one. I guess the program hiccuped somehow when we resubmitted our offer. But according to the seller's agent, the bank now has the right offer because he faxed our offer over again.

I have to keep hoping. And keep praying and trusting Heavenly Father and clinging to the answers I receive.  But it is easy to give up. We have been told we will know in 10 days. And then after that deadline passed we would know by Friday. And then Friday came and went and we would know by Wednesday. Well. All of those days have passed!! And now we are being told that we will know sometime next week. I don't even believe it. Next week meaning we might know in another month or two.

And besides the problem with our primary offer, one of the houses that we were a back up offer on went to auction and was already sold. We had no idea so we could not even bid on it. Which is honestly kind of annoying considering the reason we put an offer on it in the first place was because we wanted to buy it. But the bank sent it to auction 3 1/2 weeks ago.

I keep hearing the song "Home" by Phillip Phillips on the radio. Somehow it renews a degree of hope (even if it is a glimmer) in me with our home buying process.
"Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm going to make this place your home."
I picture Casey singing that to me. I'm not alone. I have my best friend by my side and some how we will make some house out their our home.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I hear about the tragedy in Boston. I read about a friend whose baby is in ICU. I watch as people I love go through a separation. When I think about the trials that others are going through, it makes mine seem insignificant. But we need your prayers.

I just talked to our agent. We are still in the housing limbo land with no news yet.

But the problem is that housing prices are going up. And if the bank rejects our offer that we are primary on, we honestly may not be buying a house because we can't afford any of the new listings. The other problem is that banks are realizing prices are going up. And they are now trying to draw out the process of short sales even more. Because the longer they wait the higher price they will demand. Although the appraisal was completed on our hopeful house, our agent told us that banks are now performing a second appraisal so they can insist on a higher price.

Casey and I have prayed. And pleaded. And fasted. And PRAYED! And we trust that all will work out according to Heavenly Father's plan for us. But we need help.

Please pray for the bank we are dealing with. Pray that their hearts will be softened and accept our offer. Pray for a speedy response. Pray for them to show us mercy. (And pray for me to not have an anxiety attack/ nervous break down/ etc while we wait! The suspense & stress is killing me.)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Awaited Phone Call

Generally, we have a rule that we don't answer the phone during dinner time. That is family time and we treasure being together. But last night my phone rang. I saw it was our real estate agent. And we have been anxiously waiting for his phone call. So I make an exception to our family dinner togetherness time and answer the phone call.

"Hi Lisa. How are you?"

I didn't even answer the question. My response. "Do you have any news???"


"Well, no news yet. I was just calling to let you know that."

My heart sank. So we are still waiting for THE phone call. We were told that the seller's agent thinks he should get the package in the mail by Wednesday. That's tomorrow. 

Please hurry mail.
Please accept our offer bank.
Please, please, please have good news--tomorrow. (Or the next day or next week. Ya know... that is just how the timing seems to work in this business.)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The latest and greatest...

It has been a while since I written much. Here are a few brief tidbits...

1. We still don't know what is going on with our (hopeful) house. We keep being told by Friday. And then the week after again we are told by Friday. Friday continues to come and go. Passing week by week with no answers. We do know that the bank has reviewed our offer. And they are sending a package to the seller's agent through the postal service. There is no way to know if this is a good or bad sign. So as of currently, we are waiting for the mail. Slightly annoying that we have submitted everything electronically and then we have to wait for the horse and buggy method for a response. But hopefully sometime next week.

2. I'm so nervous for the package to finally come. We have been praying and praying. And praying some more. I keep reminding myself that we were prompted to start this whole process. And Heavenly Father loves us and cares for us. Somehow everything will work out. How? I have no clue right now. I'm sure praying that we were not guided this far just to have it be a learning experience.

3. I'm already planning how to start packing and where to stack boxes in our apartment. Books first. Then blankets, games, DVDs, crafts, dishes that we can live without, etc. Pack everything first that we can live without. And slowly work to the more needed items. But. We are not under contract yet. I'm waiting to start packing until we know we are moving.

4. Casey asks me when he comes home from work what I did all day. The answer is normally the same. I played with Devin. We stacked blocks and practiced walking. I'm currently teaching him how to put things in and out of containers. (This also includes learning the clean up song.) We practice walking some more. I teach him how put ring toys on a cylinder and the words on and off. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. He can now drink from a sippy cup himself. And he wants to learn to feed himself with a spoon. He and I hold the spoon together. Devin then puts a Cheerio on it. Then we guide the spoon to his mouth while balancing the cereal. It's a long process at the kitchen table.

5. Both knees are still fairly sore. I wear my braces. That helps some until it gets super bunchy on the back of each leg. It is an improvement though! So we will just keep praying for slow but steady healing. I'm changing my dream to run. Instead I am going to start swimming again. (I was on swim team my entire childhood!)

6. We just submitted our taxes!! Whoooo! :) And we are so blessed to get a huge refund because of having a baby, being a teacher, and living on one income!! A much needed tender mercy! :)

7. I absolutely love being a stay at home mommy!! Devin makes me laugh and brings so much joy to both our lives. I'm grateful I can spend all my time with him. And that is the reason I have not written a post for awhile or checked my facebook often. Devin needs a mommy --a boo-boo kisser, a car chaser, a tickle monster-- mommy. And I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Devin's Data: TEN Months

Not the greatest picture.
But Devin wanted absolutely nothing to do with laying down.
Every time I tried to lay him down, he rolled over then sat up instantly.
He just wanted to play and explore.

Weight: 21.6 pounds

Height: 29.25 inches

Clothing Size: either 3-6 or 6-9 depending on the brand.

Diaper Size: 3s

Milestones: stands by himself for a few seconds and takes ~4 steps by himself before he falls, loves playing peek-a-boo,  is working on stacking blocks by himself as well as putting nesting cups inside each other, is learning how to take rings on and off, he can drink from his sippy cup but he has just started to try to hold it himself

Eating: generally he refuses baby food and will eat whatever we are eating. He still loves yogurt!! If I can't get him to eat anything else, he will eat yogurt, veggie straws, freeze dried yogurt, spaghettiO's and scrambled eggs. But really, he eats whatever I am. He nurses about 3-4 times a day. And can drink from a sippy cup if I hold it up for him.

Sleeping: goes to bed around 9 pm and sleeps until 7. He wants milk then. Sometimes he will go back to sleep after and other times not. Normally takes 2-3 shorter naps.

Communication: he associates and says "Momma" both with me and when he is thirsty, sometimes he says "Naddy" when Casey comes home, he understands the word "no!" when we say it, when I say "yogurt" he opens his mouth and then says "mmmmm". He really doesn't talk yet though. I just understand his jabbers and cries. He is a complete chatterbox and is constantly "talking."

Likes: walking while still holding onto something (but he only needs one hand for balance now) and is attempting to take steps completely by himself, playing with the Easter basket and putting things in and out of it, stacking up blocks by himself, trying to stand up in the bathtub and touch the faucet and handles, chasing Daddy around our "racetrack" at our apartment, sitting in my lap--ESP for scriptures, cuddling with his fleece blankie

Dislikes: baby food--esp the store bought kind, being told no--he truly is an obedient baby and he is sad when he gets in trouble, going to bed--even if he is tried!

Nicknames: Mr. Devin, yeahoo, Baby Bunny, spitball (he is still spitting up a ton!!)

Most Memorable Moment(s): his first Easter and playing with his Easter eggs and basket, he now has 7 teeth, he sat and calmly watched a few talks during General Conference and then played quietly during the rest of it

Hardest Part: Trying to balance time. It is hard to take care of him and play together and still have time to get everything else done. It is also hard with his lack of communication. I wish so many times that he could just tell me why he is crying or what he wants because a lot of the time, I have no clue

Lisa's Favorite Part: seeing him smile when I smile at him across the room or watching his proud "I did it" look/ smile when he accomplishes something

Casey's Favorite Part: Playing with Devin when he gets home from work. He loves chasing Devin around the race track and building him elaborate block towers to knock down.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Momma called the Dr. & the Dr. said...

...No More Mommy Running on the Road

Saturday March 23.
Oh my goodness. This day has such a sweet memory. Casey watched Devin while I went running in the morning. It was still cold-ish from the snow the previous day. So I bundled up. Two pairs of pants, a jacket and a hoodies, mittens, ear muffs, tall socks. I was set.

It was wonderful. I ran for 20 minutes straight. And it was one of the best feelings ever. I was enjoying the early morning crispness and the ease of not having to push a stroller. When I came home, I figured out that I had run about 1.7 miles. I was so impressed with myself. 20 minutes and 1.7 miles. I have never, ever, ever ran that far before. Even when I was in PE classes at school as a teenager, I could not run a mile consecutively.

My left knee was sore and my right knee started hurting a lot!! To put it mildly. So I began alternating ice and heat on it and taking prescription strength ibuprofen. Which meant I was having to eat super late at night and again super early in the morning. 

Tuesday March 26.
I thought I was good to go. I was excited to start running again and had missed it greatly on Monday. (I choose not to go running on Sundays so that was normal having a day of rest.) I decided to start off slowly and just go for a walk and then hopefully be able to run the next day.

Casey forgot his tablet so I agreed to meet him at the TRAX station so he could take it down to class with him. Devin hopped in his stroller and we walked to the station. It was a little sore but I thought I was doing ok so I decided to walk to the store. It was not super close but not that far either. And I have walked their tons of times. I bought some spinach and then we were headed home.

I was about ready to sit on the side of the road and cry. My knee hurt so bad. But no one could come rescue me and so my choice was to sit and cry or keep walking slowly and eventually get home. I kept going and it was torture. It seriously felt like my knee cap was going to fall off. And not just fall off but all the pressure would shoot it off. I was grateful to have skin holding it on. But I was honestly beginning to wonder if my skin was strong enough.

I called Casey and cried to him on the phone. And eventually Devin and I made it home, with my knee cap still attached and under my skin.

Wednesday March 27.
My knee ached so much. I couldn't go up or down the stairs without extreme pain. So we stayed home the entire day because we live on the third story. And there was no way that I could carry Devin and myself down the stairs. I completely stopped exercising and tried to baby my knee as much as possible.

Friday March 29.
The pain kept persisting despite all of my healing efforts. I called the doctor. I was thankfully able to be squeezed in for an appointment later that afternoon. The only thing I want right now is for my knee to get better so I can start running again. I wanted to run a 10K on July 4th so bad and have been training for it.

The doctor had me lay down on the examining table and told me to relax. Somehow I have a very difficult time relaxing on those things. He then pushed on both my knees. I'm not sure how exactly or what because I couldn't see. I described to him the extreme pain I had on Tuesday. He was amazed that knee cap felt like it was going to come off--but not in a good way. And then both of my knees hurt again. Apparently that was the goal from pushing on them was to see how bad they were injured. My left one was sore. But not terrible. My right one was piercing.

I passed his test. Unfortunately. He ordered me a strong anti-inflammatory medicine and I have a bright blue knee brace to hold my knee cap in place. I'm supposed to take this medicine every day and then call him in 3-4 weeks. If my knee is not better at that point, we will have to consider other options--such as physical therapy, seeing a specialist, and possibly surgery to remove the damaged cartilage. We are praying for a miracle in the next 3-4 weeks. He is having me do several stretches to try and help.

And my running days are over. Likely forever but at least for a long time. The goal right now is walking and hopefully stairs. I'm crushed about not being able to run a 10K. I learned to love running so much in the short time I was out in the spring air. 

Monday April 1.
Right now, my knee is not too bad. I have only walked from my room to Devin's room and then to the living room though. Hopefully I will see a tiny improvement each and everyday. So right now, my focus is recovery. And finding an exercise that I enjoy with super low impact.

Current weigh in:
{-1 pound}
I have no idea how considering the little movement/ exercise I have had this past week. I'm wondering if it is muscle. :(