Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Devin's Data: TEN Months

Not the greatest picture.
But Devin wanted absolutely nothing to do with laying down.
Every time I tried to lay him down, he rolled over then sat up instantly.
He just wanted to play and explore.

Weight: 21.6 pounds

Height: 29.25 inches

Clothing Size: either 3-6 or 6-9 depending on the brand.

Diaper Size: 3s

Milestones: stands by himself for a few seconds and takes ~4 steps by himself before he falls, loves playing peek-a-boo,  is working on stacking blocks by himself as well as putting nesting cups inside each other, is learning how to take rings on and off, he can drink from his sippy cup but he has just started to try to hold it himself

Eating: generally he refuses baby food and will eat whatever we are eating. He still loves yogurt!! If I can't get him to eat anything else, he will eat yogurt, veggie straws, freeze dried yogurt, spaghettiO's and scrambled eggs. But really, he eats whatever I am. He nurses about 3-4 times a day. And can drink from a sippy cup if I hold it up for him.

Sleeping: goes to bed around 9 pm and sleeps until 7. He wants milk then. Sometimes he will go back to sleep after and other times not. Normally takes 2-3 shorter naps.

Communication: he associates and says "Momma" both with me and when he is thirsty, sometimes he says "Naddy" when Casey comes home, he understands the word "no!" when we say it, when I say "yogurt" he opens his mouth and then says "mmmmm". He really doesn't talk yet though. I just understand his jabbers and cries. He is a complete chatterbox and is constantly "talking."

Likes: walking while still holding onto something (but he only needs one hand for balance now) and is attempting to take steps completely by himself, playing with the Easter basket and putting things in and out of it, stacking up blocks by himself, trying to stand up in the bathtub and touch the faucet and handles, chasing Daddy around our "racetrack" at our apartment, sitting in my lap--ESP for scriptures, cuddling with his fleece blankie

Dislikes: baby food--esp the store bought kind, being told no--he truly is an obedient baby and he is sad when he gets in trouble, going to bed--even if he is tried!

Nicknames: Mr. Devin, yeahoo, Baby Bunny, spitball (he is still spitting up a ton!!)

Most Memorable Moment(s): his first Easter and playing with his Easter eggs and basket, he now has 7 teeth, he sat and calmly watched a few talks during General Conference and then played quietly during the rest of it

Hardest Part: Trying to balance time. It is hard to take care of him and play together and still have time to get everything else done. It is also hard with his lack of communication. I wish so many times that he could just tell me why he is crying or what he wants because a lot of the time, I have no clue

Lisa's Favorite Part: seeing him smile when I smile at him across the room or watching his proud "I did it" look/ smile when he accomplishes something

Casey's Favorite Part: Playing with Devin when he gets home from work. He loves chasing Devin around the race track and building him elaborate block towers to knock down.

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