Monday, April 1, 2013

Momma called the Dr. & the Dr. said...

...No More Mommy Running on the Road

Saturday March 23.
Oh my goodness. This day has such a sweet memory. Casey watched Devin while I went running in the morning. It was still cold-ish from the snow the previous day. So I bundled up. Two pairs of pants, a jacket and a hoodies, mittens, ear muffs, tall socks. I was set.

It was wonderful. I ran for 20 minutes straight. And it was one of the best feelings ever. I was enjoying the early morning crispness and the ease of not having to push a stroller. When I came home, I figured out that I had run about 1.7 miles. I was so impressed with myself. 20 minutes and 1.7 miles. I have never, ever, ever ran that far before. Even when I was in PE classes at school as a teenager, I could not run a mile consecutively.

My left knee was sore and my right knee started hurting a lot!! To put it mildly. So I began alternating ice and heat on it and taking prescription strength ibuprofen. Which meant I was having to eat super late at night and again super early in the morning. 

Tuesday March 26.
I thought I was good to go. I was excited to start running again and had missed it greatly on Monday. (I choose not to go running on Sundays so that was normal having a day of rest.) I decided to start off slowly and just go for a walk and then hopefully be able to run the next day.

Casey forgot his tablet so I agreed to meet him at the TRAX station so he could take it down to class with him. Devin hopped in his stroller and we walked to the station. It was a little sore but I thought I was doing ok so I decided to walk to the store. It was not super close but not that far either. And I have walked their tons of times. I bought some spinach and then we were headed home.

I was about ready to sit on the side of the road and cry. My knee hurt so bad. But no one could come rescue me and so my choice was to sit and cry or keep walking slowly and eventually get home. I kept going and it was torture. It seriously felt like my knee cap was going to fall off. And not just fall off but all the pressure would shoot it off. I was grateful to have skin holding it on. But I was honestly beginning to wonder if my skin was strong enough.

I called Casey and cried to him on the phone. And eventually Devin and I made it home, with my knee cap still attached and under my skin.

Wednesday March 27.
My knee ached so much. I couldn't go up or down the stairs without extreme pain. So we stayed home the entire day because we live on the third story. And there was no way that I could carry Devin and myself down the stairs. I completely stopped exercising and tried to baby my knee as much as possible.

Friday March 29.
The pain kept persisting despite all of my healing efforts. I called the doctor. I was thankfully able to be squeezed in for an appointment later that afternoon. The only thing I want right now is for my knee to get better so I can start running again. I wanted to run a 10K on July 4th so bad and have been training for it.

The doctor had me lay down on the examining table and told me to relax. Somehow I have a very difficult time relaxing on those things. He then pushed on both my knees. I'm not sure how exactly or what because I couldn't see. I described to him the extreme pain I had on Tuesday. He was amazed that knee cap felt like it was going to come off--but not in a good way. And then both of my knees hurt again. Apparently that was the goal from pushing on them was to see how bad they were injured. My left one was sore. But not terrible. My right one was piercing.

I passed his test. Unfortunately. He ordered me a strong anti-inflammatory medicine and I have a bright blue knee brace to hold my knee cap in place. I'm supposed to take this medicine every day and then call him in 3-4 weeks. If my knee is not better at that point, we will have to consider other options--such as physical therapy, seeing a specialist, and possibly surgery to remove the damaged cartilage. We are praying for a miracle in the next 3-4 weeks. He is having me do several stretches to try and help.

And my running days are over. Likely forever but at least for a long time. The goal right now is walking and hopefully stairs. I'm crushed about not being able to run a 10K. I learned to love running so much in the short time I was out in the spring air. 

Monday April 1.
Right now, my knee is not too bad. I have only walked from my room to Devin's room and then to the living room though. Hopefully I will see a tiny improvement each and everyday. So right now, my focus is recovery. And finding an exercise that I enjoy with super low impact.

Current weigh in:
{-1 pound}
I have no idea how considering the little movement/ exercise I have had this past week. I'm wondering if it is muscle. :(

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