Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I hear about the tragedy in Boston. I read about a friend whose baby is in ICU. I watch as people I love go through a separation. When I think about the trials that others are going through, it makes mine seem insignificant. But we need your prayers.

I just talked to our agent. We are still in the housing limbo land with no news yet.

But the problem is that housing prices are going up. And if the bank rejects our offer that we are primary on, we honestly may not be buying a house because we can't afford any of the new listings. The other problem is that banks are realizing prices are going up. And they are now trying to draw out the process of short sales even more. Because the longer they wait the higher price they will demand. Although the appraisal was completed on our hopeful house, our agent told us that banks are now performing a second appraisal so they can insist on a higher price.

Casey and I have prayed. And pleaded. And fasted. And PRAYED! And we trust that all will work out according to Heavenly Father's plan for us. But we need help.

Please pray for the bank we are dealing with. Pray that their hearts will be softened and accept our offer. Pray for a speedy response. Pray for them to show us mercy. (And pray for me to not have an anxiety attack/ nervous break down/ etc while we wait! The suspense & stress is killing me.)

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