Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Awaited Phone Call

Generally, we have a rule that we don't answer the phone during dinner time. That is family time and we treasure being together. But last night my phone rang. I saw it was our real estate agent. And we have been anxiously waiting for his phone call. So I make an exception to our family dinner togetherness time and answer the phone call.

"Hi Lisa. How are you?"

I didn't even answer the question. My response. "Do you have any news???"


"Well, no news yet. I was just calling to let you know that."

My heart sank. So we are still waiting for THE phone call. We were told that the seller's agent thinks he should get the package in the mail by Wednesday. That's tomorrow. 

Please hurry mail.
Please accept our offer bank.
Please, please, please have good news--tomorrow. (Or the next day or next week. Ya know... that is just how the timing seems to work in this business.)

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