Saturday, May 4, 2013


Last August, Casey officially earned is Associate of Science in Information Systems & Technology. We were not planning on having him graduate with his A.S. degree. But last summer as he was applying for jobs, he was not getting any interviews. One company told him something about being under qualified and that he needed some education or experience to back him up. Well, Casey started looking at his Bachelors program and realized that he had completely already earned his A.S. degree and that it was just a matter of paper work. So he applied for graduation and reentered his Bachelors program. And all of the sudden, he had several interviews. It was a huge blessing!

After Convocation
Walking in to Convocation. Casey loves me!! <3
Devin was such a good boy! I was all by myself with him. He stayed right by me and played with his toys. He liked choosing a toy from the bag.
Walking into Commencement.
The Graduate!!
Congratulations Daddy!
With his mom.
With my parents.
We are so proud of you!
When I graduated from BYU, the stole was worn and then given to someone who has supported you.
I gave mine to Casey.
We decided to continue this tradition.
He gave me his stole and now it hangs on my dresser!

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