Thursday, May 16, 2013

Devin's Data: ELEVEN months

Devin was not thrilled to have to lay on his back!

Weight: 21.56 pounds

Height: 30 inches (he is a tall boy!)

Clothing Size: mostly 6-9. If I buy something, I buy it bigger so it will last for a good long while!

Diaper Size: three

Milestones: he prefers to walk everywhere now. He climbs up stairs by himself and I never taught him. I have no idea how he learned! He can step down stairs as long as he is holding my hand. He is very cautious at the doctor's office. He searches for hidden objects, likes stacking his blocks, puts things in and out. He can stoop from standing and stand up all by himself. He waves bye.

Eating: Devin nurses about three times a day. He literally eats everything we do. He eats three meals and an afternoon snack. I don't know if I eat a small breakfast or he has a large one but we eat about the same amount. He loves yogurt!! And anything that he can feed himself.

Sleeping: he goes to bed around 9pm and sleeps until 6:30 am or so. Then he nurses and goes back to sleep for another 1.5-2 hours. He takes a long afternoon nap. And sometimes a super short evening nap but generally not.

Communication: he communicates. But not with words. If he falls and bumps something, he is really good about holding his hand on where it hurts!! This helps me help him so much. He responds very well to my instructions. If I tell him, "time to go," he will come meet me by the door. Or if I tell him to "put it in" during clean up time, he puts the toy away in the basket.

Likes: he loves carrying a spoon with him every where he goes. He also likes cuddling with his teddy bear and blankie. If it has batteries, he loves it and wants it. He likes getting out of the house everyday. And loves giving me hugs all the time. His favorite toy is a purple elephant car that he sticks things in and out of the opening. He likes learning about gravity by purposefully throwing things from his high chair. He likes bath time and playing in the water. He loves playing peak-a-boo!

Dislikes: Devin doesn't like being told no and really hates time out. He tries super hard to be obedient so he won't be told no and be put in time out! He has had two stomach viruses and dislikes having his diaper changed when he is sick because of the diaper rash. He constantly takes his shoes off. I'm not sure if he dislikes wearing them or it is simply something to entertain him while we are driving.

Nicknames: we pretty much call him Devin. Sometimes Baby Bunny. When Casey and I are talking about him to each other, we always call him Baby Bunny.

Most Memorable Moment(s): Devin is amazing at walking and it is so fun to watch. Every time he plays with that purple elephant car, it makes me smile because it is just so cute!! He had his second hair cut. His hair just grows so fast!

Hardest Part: Devin has been sick and just cries. And screams. I just wish he could tell me why he is in pain!! I feel so helpless and try to calm him but it doesn't help.

Lisa's Favorite Part: I absolutely LOVE how affectionate Devin is. When he is playing by himself, he will come get hugs from me. I also love how I have the power to comfort him and he trusts me to make it better.

Casey's Favorite Part: I like watching Devin wave when I come home and I wave to him.

How the photo shoot really went...
Casey was trying to hold him down on his back.
And I was taking pictures as fast as possible.
The "Purple Elephant Car" that Devin LOVES!!
He puts just about everything inside it's "tummy"
and then pushes it around.

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