Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One More Offer

We placed another offer today. It is a bidding war again. I had an awh-ha moment. Most people bid with pretty whole numbers that have zeros after the thousands place. So... we went slightly higher than the pretty numbers with random digits in every place value. 

And now we pray. Pray. PRAY!!!

This house is not exactly what we want. Ok. The layout does not even come close to what I actually wanted. But it is a house and it is in fairly good condition! It does need a few repairs but really they are pretty minor. The biggest problem is the backyard is a complete weed patch--that will take a whole lot of Round Up first and then some good grass seed. We pretty much won't have any grass this year. 

Here is the problem: interest rates are truthfully rising and predicted to keep going up. I am feeling really desperate. We are about to the point that we have to get this house or we will not qualify for a house--including the other two offers that we currently have right now on short sales. The reason we will no longer qualify for the offers is because of interest rates. The higher they get, the less we can borrow. And the problem with borrowing less is that housing prices are also going up. So borrowing less will ultimately mean no house.

And so we pray for our random digits to out bid all the other countless offers.

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