Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Safety Net

Yesterday we found another short sale house that was in our price range and the style I want. We wanted to be in primary position with the offer so submitted an offer before we saw it. After our agent had our offer turned in, we went to see it.

The house is cute. Very small. But clean and smells clean and move in ready.

However because it is a short sale, we won't be moving until fall at the earliest with it. I feel like it is our safety net in case everything else fails. Its a back up plan. It is not a 100% safe plan because depending on what interest rates do between now and then will determine if we can actually afford the house or not. As of yesterday, we could. If interest rates spike up, we will have no choice but to walk away from it. But for now, I will think of it as our safety net at the bottom to catch us if we fall because everything else fails.

And (I wish I had a picture!!) while we were there, we let Devin get down on the carpet. He walked right over to the stairs and climbed right up them like it was no big deal. I haven't the slightest idea how he learned to go up stairs because he has never even touched a stair before in his life. Our apartment stairs are concrete with metal railing and it is coming apart so there are gaps between the metal and concrete. And then the other set of stairs are all metal and look like a cheese grater  No. He is definitely not allowed to touch either. But yesterday, he went right up the carpeted stairs like a pro. I was so impressed.

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