Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Life of a Mother

Eleven months ago when my itty bitty baby was placed into my arms,
I knew I loved him. 
Seeing his eyes and snuggling him close.
And knowing that he was mine forever.
I was exhausted but couldn't sleep because I was a mother.

As Baby Bunny's first year has past.
The love inside of me grows even deeper.

His smiles. His waves. His cries.
Coming to me. Sitting on my lap. Refusing to be put down.
Exploring the world. Cuddling when sick. Stacking blocks.
His laugh. His hugs. His love.

Some days are hard and filled with tears.
Some days are spent playing in the park.
Some days we get a lot accomplished.
And others we are grateful to get out of our pajamas.

The life of a mother is not easy.
I am beginning to realize all the hats I must juggle.
But I wouldn't change my life for anything.
The life of a mother is absolutely amazing.
And I cherish being a mom--each and every day!

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