Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Silent Bidding War

We found another house that we like. Well, mostly like. It needs some TLC before we could move in so that part we don't like so much. But it has the potential to be liked! :)

I placed an offer on it yesterday before Casey had even seen it. After work, we went together to go see it. 

But I feel like we entered a silent auction. Seriously. We found out later that the seller's agent is accepting all offers and then they will choose the one they like the best by Saturday (hopefully!). The problem is there are already multiple offers on the house and they are still accepting more. But the good news is that it is not a short sale. So... this house will likely be under contract by next week.

So we placed the best offer we could. And now we wait and see if our best is good enough or if someone else placed a higher offer.

Will I be devastated if we don't get it? No. 
Am I planning on getting it? Absolutely not. 
But will I be grateful if we do get it? YES!! It is a house that we could turn into our home with some TLC.

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