Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I wrote this the day after Devin's birthday (June 10). I have still not taken his 12 month picture with the bunny because I haven't felt up to the fight to lay on his back. Hopefully when Casey comes home we can get the picture! :) Until then... here is all of his data!

Weight: 22.5 pounds

Height: 30 inches

Clothing Size: mostly 6-9. Some 12 month, some 18 month.

Diaper Size: three

Milestones: imitates speech sounds, stacks up 3-4 blocks at a time, gives hugs to us and his toys (and brings me the toy so I can give it a hug too), waves, the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" doesn't mean much anymore because he knows where I hid the item, throws full blown temper tantrums, is working on running, turns pages of the book, goes up stairs

Eating: Devin is completely weaned. It took some work getting there but now loves cow milk. He eats three meals a day though lunch is more like a snack. And then a couple of snacks in the morning and afternoon. He is becoming really picky and basically only likes "kid" food. He loves yogurt, scrambled eggs, SpaghettiO's, French fries & veggie straws.

Sleeping: he goes to bed around 9 pm and sleeps until 7:30-8 am or so. He will take an hour or two nap before lunch/ late morning. And another nap the same length before dinner/ late afternoon.

Communication: he communicates. But not with words. Sometimes it sounds like he says words but they don't seem to mean much or be consistent. And he is starting to throw tantrums. Not the ideal form of communication. I just ignore him while he does but he thinks he is communicating. He responds really well to what I tell him though.

Likes: he still loves spoons! He wants to explore and check everything out. His favorite toys are random household items for example an empty container and lid will keep him occupied for a LONG time. He likes learning to do things for himself and insists on holding his on fork/ spoon to eat with sometimes. He loves his cell phone (which was my mother-in-law's first cell phone. The thing is a brick. haha!) and playing with Casey's old "doll" aka "Friend." He loves chasing McQueen all over the house (we have a car that goes by itself if you shake it. He will now shake it and drop it then follow it. Very cute!!). He LOVES reading books both with us and by himself!!!

Dislikes: Having his diaper changed--no idea why he isn't a fan right now. He dislikes most food we eat which makes for a long dinner time trying to figure out something he will eat. He doesn't like having to be inside all day--we have to go on outings.

Nicknames: Buddy, sometimes we call him Baby Bunny. He knows his name and answers to that the best.

Most Memorable Moment(s): We attended his great-grandfather's funeral and all of the grandchildren/ great grandchildren sang a song. Devin sang his little heart out during it and then was pretty quiet the rest of the time. Watching him crawl up the stairs like a pro but then thinking he can walk right down them--he has no fear of height!

Hardest Part: I didn't think babies could/ would throw tantrums this young but Devin already has it down. It is also hard having such a curious boy because everyday we find more things to baby proof.

Lisa's Favorite Part: It completely amazes me what he knows. He picks up on the little things I do everyday and then I love watching him trying to copy it. He totally cracks me up when he "talks" on the phone. Apparently, I listen with the back of my neck instead of my ear. I also love watching his curiosity, even though it requires constant watching and baby proofing and is sometimes frustrating. I love watching him learn!

Casey's Favorite Part: I love playing tag/ chase with Devin. It is fun playing with him.

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