Sunday, June 2, 2013

Floor Plan

I thought I would take you on a tour of OUR home!! It still seems weird calling it ours.... And we don't have a closing date because some of our paper work was not signed correctly. A couple of days ago we had to write "married couple" next to our names on one of the lines then initial it. We are planning on mid July... probably.... We have seen the house three times now. And each time, it is beginning to seem more real. More ours. More home. And although it was not our dream home, it is definitely becoming that as we keep seeing it and planning for it!! Plus, our home is huge!! Much, MUCH bigger than the other houses we had offers on!

Anyway, I found this AMAZING (and free) online program (which is also a free iPad app... in case any of my FACS teacher friends want to use this in their classroom... I totally would if I was still teaching!!) that allows you to build rooms and then design them. So cool! I have hand drawn countless rooms between all of my classes and then trying to arrange furniture in our apartments. We did a rough measurement when we went back to look at the house a couple of days ago. I took those rough numbers and turned them into rooms. I know that this is not entirely correct but it is the general idea of the layout.

Our home has four levels. There is the main level which is on the ground level. Our rooms are up about a half flight of stairs. Going down half a flight of stairs from the main level will be our future family room, small bedroom, and laundry/ half bath (it is unfinished though at the moment). This is located under our bedrooms. Then going down another half flight of stairs from the future family room (so under the main level) we will build another bedroom, full bathroom, storage/ pantry, and maybe an office.... Another way to think about the four levels is think of a normal rambler with a basement then lift up the bedrooms and basement directly below a half level while leaving the living room and kitchen and basement directly below that exactly where it is.

The pictures should be the same size and same scale. These two floors are about 1,000 square feet together. 

I absolutely LOVE how large the dining room is!! It will easily fit our 6 person table. And someday if we ever decide to buy a larger table, it would definitely accommodate it. For now, our computer desk, pantry cupboards and upright freezer will be along the walls.

The kitchen has tons of cupboards (which we will use for all of the kitchen appliances/ gadgets we have), a built in dishwasher, and a place for a fairly large fridge.

The front coat closet is huge! Somehow, this picture doesn't seem to do it justice.

The master bedroom is really big! I absolutely LOVE the size of our closet. Technically, it is a walk in closet but doesn't have a light in it. There is a shoe organizer/ shelves built in. We have a ceiling fan!!

Devin's closet is also really large for a second bedroom! And his room is not too shabby either. We will definitely be able to have two kids in there but seriously could probably fit three. He has two windows and they are shorter so he can look out them. He seemed to enjoy looking out the window!

Nothing too fancy about the bathroom except for having the door from the master room to the bathroom. I just assumed that houses had them. After looking at several house though, I realized that some did and some did not. I really, REALLY wanted to buy a house that had one so I'm very grateful for that door!

We have a two car carport. The back yard (weed patch--hopefully next year we will have grass!) is entirely fenced in. I love that so I can let Devin go play outside know that he can't escape! There is a decent sized porch in the front which I'm so excited to buy outdoor furniture of some sort and enjoy sitting out there.  Plus a huge tree in the front yard to shade the porch during the evening!

And then there is the two level, unfinished basement. We are already excited to be planning how we are going to finish them. But that is another post for another day... :)

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