Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Full Speed Ahead

Our loan officer just called me. Good news. Everything is approved!! :D  Yeah! 

My credit score had to be pulled again. Long story short, before our loan would be approved, I had to be removed from an account. I freaked out because I knew that it would affect my credit and we were in danger of my credit dropping low enough that we wouldn't be approved for the loan. So we kept waiting and praying. I just found out that my score was definitely affected. But not how we thought. It went UP!! How... I have no idea! Our loan officer has no idea and is equally as shocked.

More good news. Our grant is approved!! We don't know how much yet. But it is approved! We are now just waiting for paper work from the city. We absolutely, drop dead have to have it turned in this coming Monday. But we really, REALLY need it to be submitted sometime this week. Ideally tomorrow or Thursday. Once all of the paperwork is submitted, it has to then sit for 10 days with the government. So even with everything being submitted this week, we still won't take possession until the second week of July. The reason we desperately need everything turned in sometime this week is so we can have one Saturday to clean and make our house livable before we move. We will be praying that the city provides the needed paperwork sooner than later!

Interest rates are still going up. Drastically fast actually. I can't remember when we locked in our interest rate but it was about 2-3 weeks ago. In the past few weeks, interest rates have climbed 0.75% and rising. Ouch. That's steep. We were hoping for a slightly lower rate but are becoming more and more grateful to be locked in where we are!

So the moral of this story... we will be home owners in about 2 weeks!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! 

The other moral of this story... we need to keep packing!! I think we have too much stuff.

The above was published at 4:14 pm. 
It is now 4:37 pm.
I have one more update!!

The city just called me and said that we were approved for the entire amount! $5,000!!! :D :D :D AND... they have all the documents ready they just don't know where to send them. I called my loan officer. He is going to call the same person city person and get the documents sent to his email. All of our paperwork should be submitted tomorrow! Which means... (1) prayers are answered and (2) we will close on July 10th!!!!

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