Saturday, June 15, 2013

Home Inspection = Miracle

We took a giant step forward yesterday in the home buying process! Our home inspection was completed and along the way we witnessed many, MANY miracles. This house is definitely an answer to countless prayers.

Miracle #1. All of the utilities had to be turned on in our name yesterday by 1:30 pm. I found this out Thursday afternoon (the day before) at 4:20 pm. I was able to make separate phone calls and play the phone jail game with each to arrange the electricity, gas and water on in order for the inspection. I called the water last and normally when the phone call was winding up, the company representative would ask if I had any other questions. Not the water. Instead she told me that if I had any other questions, I would have to call back tomorrow because it was now 5 o'clock and they were closed and hung up the phone. Seriously, I just felt so blessed that I was able to talk to all three, start new accounts and make arrangements to have them on. (And in case you are wondering, I didn't have any other questions for the water company.)

Miracle #2. The gas company told me that they would come sometime yesterday between 7 am and 6 pm. I explained that it had to be on by 1:30 for the home inspection. I finally convinced the phone operator to leave a note on our file but he told me that it was no guarantee. I was promised to have it on sometime yesterday no later than 6 pm anything earlier would just be bonus time. We prayed and prayed and knew that somehow it would work out. I called back this morning a handful of times to check the status. And every time, I was told that it was on the technician's list but there was no way of determining when he would get to it. Our real estate agent called me at 10:49 am. He was out at our house and the gas was connected. We felt blessed and grateful to have prayers answered.

Miracle #3. In order to have the water turned on, someone with a key to the house has to be home. Our agent is the only one who has access to it right now. I was able to make the appointment for 1:30 pm but the water company told me that if we were more than 5 minutes late from our appointment time, they would just leave and we would have to reschedule. We are blessed with truly an amazing Realtor!! He baby sat our house nearly all day. He was there in the morning to deal with the gas. He was there right after lunch to deal with the water. He was there all afternoon to follow the home inspector around (I think). I know it is his job but still. He has put his life on hold so many times for us. Today was no exception. We thank him profusely but somehow our thanks doesn't seem to equal everything he does for us.

Miracle #4. So this is not directly related to the home inspection. But still a miracle none-the-less. The two missing papers were submitted electronically from our grant application last Monday. And no one committed mortgage fraud in the process. We don't know if we will get it or not. But everyone is beginning to think that we will. On Tuesday, we found out that the city person dealing with grants sent it to their underwriting process. We will keep praying and waiting and trusting.

Miracle #5. This is a HUGE miracle. Our house had the appraiser come out this past Tuesday. Good news because it was another step forward. The only problem was he appraised it at far lower than our offer. Under normal circumstances, this would actually be a great thing because the seller would generally allow us to lower our offer and only pay what it is worth. But we are not dealing with normal circumstances. We are dealing with the government. And it is a nightmare. They would not allow us to have the home for the lower amount but instead insisted that we have to pay the difference between the appraised value and our offer with cash. There was no way we could put that much cash plus our closing costs and down payment. Just not going to happen and would have to just walk away from the house. Our agent debated and debated with the appraiser because quite honestly, the appraiser valued the home way too low. Comparable houses have recently sold in the same neighborhood for way more than our offer. The appraiser finally agreed to change the value he placed on it which will allow us to keep the house and take out our loan.

There are so many, MANY more miracles... the type of loan we choose... the basement is not finished because we would just have to redo/ fix it anyway (more on that later--the finished floor needs A LOT of help before we can move)... the government refunding us a winterization fee they made us pay (seriously?! It is the middle of summer! The pipes won't freeze--we were glad to find an honest way around that huge chunk of change)... the location of the house... 

And I know we are going to see even more miracles because (1) it is not move in ready right now and somehow will have to become that way quickly (while considering affordability) once we take possession, (2) we still don't have a closing date because the title company is in no hurry to respond, and (3) other things that we don't even know yet but will be miraculous when they happen--like having our grant approved.

We just feel so blessed and keep moving forward with faith, knowing that somehow everything will work out. :)
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