Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Birthday Boy

Devin's Birthday Cupcake
(on his actual birthday)
Devin did not like eating it.
Or even playing with it.
He would rather feed it to us.
After attending church,
we celebrated his birthday with just the three of us.
Opening his presents from us.
Devin liked reaching in the bag and pulling toys out.

Eating lunch at his birthday party.
He ate chips mainly.
And loved having his own plate instead of just putting the food on his tray.
Opening presents.
Giving the bunny a hug.
One of my favorite pictures (right).
Devin is talking on his phone. :)
The Baby Bunny birthday cake.
He didn't like this cake either.
He threw it on the ground.
I gave it back to him and tried to make him eat it.
He cried and I gave up.
Happy Birthday Devin!
We love you so much!
Our lives have been so blessed this past year.
You bring so much love and laughter to our home.
We are so grateful to celebrate life with you!

It is amazing to think how much he has changed since his BIRTHday!!

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