Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Under Contract

We are officially under contract as of yesterday. We received our contract papers back--signed and accepted! Which means... our home is no longer listed on the MLS. :D Holy cow... it is actually ours! Everyone else that was eyeing our home and hoping to be able to buy it will realize that it is gone now. Off the market. It is finally beginning to seem real. We are actually buying a home!!

We are still PRAYING for interest rates to come back down a little bit!!!

I am hopefully going to turn in our grant application either today or tomorrow.

And there is of course more paperwork to print off and sign (this time for the Title Company). I told Casey we are going to need to buy more paper and ink by the time this is all done! I was super impressed with our loan company--we were able to sign 98% of the papers electronically!!

We do not have a closing date. It depends on the Title Company. Hopefully we can figure that out soon but it will be in July sometime.

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