Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cuddlebug and Priesthood

This was pretty much the story of my life yesterday.
And the night before.
Devin would just lay on me and "mooo."
Not cry. Not really whine.
It sounded like "mooo."
Over and over and over.
Plus he had a slight fever.

If I laid him down, he would scream!
And he wouldn't calm down.
So I held my little cuddlebug and his blankie constantly.
(I did enjoy my baby cuddle time!!)

Neither of us are certain what is wrong.
Our best guess is teething.
But he has never done this before.
And he already has 12 teeth!!
Maybe the molars hurt worse coming in??
I don't want to stick my finger in his mouth to find out though.
The other 12 teeth are sharp.
And I know he would chomp on me if I put my finger in.

It was getting late.
And all three of us needed some good sleep.
Casey called one of our neighbors.
We met him just a few days ago.
He volunteered to help with Priesthood Blessings anytime we needed.

After the blessing, I was able to lay Devin in his bed.
And he didn't scream!
Instead he fell quickly asleep and slept the entire night.

We woke up this morning refreshed.
And so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who answers prayers.
And who gives us such sweet tender mercies.

Today this is the story of my life.
I was folding clothes in our room.
And Devin caught some zzz's on the floor outside our door.
He still doesn't feel good.
But we are making progress!

The Priesthood truly is an amazing gift.
It's power is absolutely divine.
I'm grateful for worthy Priesthood holders in my life!

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