Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Final Loan Status

On May 21st, we placed another offer on a house. This would become our final offer because one week later, we learned that our offer was accepted. One week after than found out that we were officially under contract.

And then we waited.
We prayed.
And prayed.
And we waited.

Every week I would get emails from our loan company with a status of what was happening with our loan. It went to underwriting. We waited. Tried to figure out what was happening with the grant. We waited. Interest rates were fluctuating. We waited. It wasn't a surprise what the weekly email would say because I have been in contact with both our loan officer and realtor several times a week for the past month and a half. But every time I read the email, it left us waiting and praying. There was not much else to do but to keep praying and trusting that somehow everything would work out.

Several weeks ago, I had to pick a hypothetical closing date and a move out date for our apartment. The imaginary closing date gave us something to work toward. We had a deadline of Monday July 15 from the government. I didn't want to close on the last possible day. I would have major anxiety and if anything went wrong, there would be no time to fix it. We would lose the house. And I didn't really want Friday July 12th because we wanted to have the house on Sat July 13 so we could spend the day cleaning and fixing. So this came back to if something went wrong on Friday, we wouldn't be able to close until Monday. So I randomly choose Wed July 10. I didn't know if the 10th would actually happen but it at least gave everyone something to work towards. The grant was processed faster because of this deadline I chose. The loan had to keep moving through all of the different processing parts.

Today I talked to our loan officer. Good news. It didn't seem real though.

Then I checked my email.
Now it seems real.
I got our final loan status update.

ignore the blank spaces...
I erased our info...
In case you can't read the small print below, it says, "Congratulations! We have received final approval! Remember your closing is Wednesday, July 10th"

WHAT?! We are actually closing on the date I picked out of thin air so long ago?? Everything actually worked out? I'm still shocked! And so grateful and so deeply blessed!!!

In just 8 short days we will be given the keys to OUR HOUSE!!! :D :D

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