Sunday, July 28, 2013

In the Kitchen

Memories are made in the kitchen!! I'm so grateful our kitchen and dining room is huge. So many hours will be spent in there as we grow old together.

Today I'm grateful for the kitchen floor. 

Yesterday I swept. Casey used a butter knife to scrape off all the stickers and almost permanently glued on food. Then on our hands and knees we scrubbed every inch of the floor. The bucket of pinesol was rinsed often because it became black so quickly. Finally we rinsed the floor really well. And I'm sure it sparkles now. :)

I love the color of our floor. In the future, it will hide dirt well (because I doubt I will hand scrub it very often. Sweep--absolutely! Mop--yes. But hand scrub--not likely.)

And tonight I'm especially grateful for the LAMINATE floor. Devin refused to eat unless he held the spoon and fed himself. Three cheers for having a floor that can be mopped in the dining room! (If we were still at our apartment, I can guarantee the carpet would have new pulled pork and cottage cheese stains. Haha.)

By the way: I should mention that I actually made that pulled pork Devin flung everywhere. It's the first meal I made in our home!! 

AND... In case you were wondering. After all the scrubbing yesterday, we moved our freezer inside and unpacked the food for one pantry. When I went to bed, the room was making major progress but was still a mess. My darling husband became the kitchen fairy. He stayed up late to find the counters and organize the boxes. I woke up to this amazing miracle!

Memories definitely are made in the kitchen. And ours already has a story to tell!


Maria said...

Nice big kitchen.
Amen to having laminate floors in the kitchen/dining room! Clean-up after children is so much easier.

Spencer and Julie said...

Hey Lisa it's so cool you have your own house now! How fun for you guys. Devin is such a cutie!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

that kitchen looks amazing! And yes, kitchens are the best places ever for making memories.