Sunday, July 7, 2013


For a few most treasured days, we took a break. 
From life. From cooking. From packing. From cleaning. From roasting in the 100+ degree weather. From worrying/ planning/ anticipating/ wondering/ stressing about our home. 

Instead we slept in a king size bed (living the luxiourous life!!) while Devin slept in a pack'n'play--which miraculously barely fit into the bathroom. 

Instead we spent our time swimming in the pool (which Devin loved!!) and relaxing in the hot tub. 

Instead we spent our time playing in the park and racing down the slide with Devin's cousin. 

Instead we explored said previous park and mastered the monkey bars. I think Casey and I had just as much fun playing as Devin did! ;)

Instead we ate the most delicious and warm club sandwich ever in a fancy restaurant (or at least I did! I ordered it both times we ate at that restaurant.) while Devin banged on the table with a spoon. 

Instead we watched TV and how I wish we had the History Channel and A&E (only--I don't want to pay for all of cable. Just those two channels!)

(Sorry Grandpa for not getting a picture of you with Devin!)
Instead we chased Devin in the motel hallway as he ran back and forth from our room to Grandma and Grandpa's. Devin thoroughly enjoyed all the time he was able to spend with them!!

Instead we went on an unchaperoned date! We held hands and talked and laughed. Although our original plans didn't work out, we still just loved being together!!

Instead we went shopping and found some sweet deals! I bought some Downeast undershirts and decorative shorts for $3 each. Casey found a couple pairs of jeans and some shorts for about $10 each. (Not bad for his long legs!)

Instead we watched fireworks and celebrated the 4th of July. 

Instead we had Internet that barely worked (and we don't have it on our phones). This proved to be a blessing because we spent more time interacting. 

We each have on a patriotic shirt.
And together we are Red, White & Blue.
--Yes this was planned! :)
Happy 4th of July!!!
Instead we loved being together, making precious memories, and forgetting about the routines of life. 

For a few (way to short) treasured days, we took a break. 

P.S. I LOVE Devin's onsie!!
"Mommy's little FIRECRACKER!"

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