Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ready or Not...

So our house is not exactly "ready" yet but we are moving anyway. However, we have made MAJOR progress forward!

Our bedroom, hallway, stairs, living room, dining room and kitchen walls are CLEAN! Devin's room has been washed but is still crayoned everywhere. The doors, door frames, baseboards and lights for the most part haven't been dealt with.

A few windows have been washed. But most still need help and they are all double pane. All the window seals need deep cleaning.

I totally scrubbed out our "new" fridge. I figured I won't be using the oven anytime soon so it can wait. I don't even know where to start with the dishwasher though--there is SO much build-up and gunk in it. That is going to have to be a sooner than later project. But until then, we will continue using our paper plates and plastic silverware!

The water heater works!!!!!! We haven't even had our furnace checked yet though--next month for that.

All of our utilities are connected. Except the internet. I feel like I'm living in the stone age without internet all day (I don't have it on my phone). Plus, I have our mailbox key.

Half of the kitchen cupboards are CLEAN and sticky-free. I'm hoping to find time to tackle the other half tomorrow. And the kitchen/ dining floors need sticker removal and hard-core mopping tomorrow as well.

Our carpets and super nasty heat vent registers will be cleaned tomorrow. I'm super excited to see the end result without gum on every stair and giant stains and green apple candy in our room. The carpet is only two years old (I found out from the neighbor.), so I'm hoping it will look new again!

We bought blinds. They still need to be installed.

Our storage shed is nearly all the way built.

The shower is non-functioning. It had to be completely redone. It will be beautiful once it is finished. But until then, we will be bathing at my parents house. Tonight I had to go borrow the neighbor's bathroom again. Luckily, tomorrow morning the toilet will be fixed and placed. So we will survive with a half functioning bathroom (meaning toilet and sink only) for a bit.

Tomorrow evening we are moving out of our apartment. (We still have to finish packing tomorrow as well.) Saturday morning we will move into our house. Late tomorrow night and early Saturday morning we will be cleaning the apartment so we can check out.  After moving is finished on Saturday, we will be making our bed and hunting for necessary items.

And then we will collapse. (And continue the housecleaning next Monday.)

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Tricia said...

It sounds like you've been crazy busy! Good luck with the move!