Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remembering Today

There have been a few big events in life that I still remember every detail. Funny how most of them involve my very best friend!

I remember  our first date. We were sophomores and went to Sadie Hawkins. We wore matching green shirts and ate dinner at IHOP.

I remember  our High School graduation day. We went on a date to Village Inn for breakfast before our ceremony. We were very blessed to happen to walk down the aisle together.

I remember  the day Casey proposed. I thought we would eat a picnic in the park but instead he gave me flowers and my ring.

I remember  our wedding day. We ate microwave breakfast sandwiches then drove to the temple together. And we were sealed for time and all eternity!! I just love that! (This would be the best memory!!)

I remember  our first apartment. It was a studio that fit our queen size bed with no headboard and a super tiny loveseat and that was it! The dresser was in the closet (which was really a thin hallway to our tiny bathroom).

I remember  the night he took me to the hospital. And held my hand through the night and helped me through the pain of giving birth.

I remember  Prom. Writing letters on his mission. Teaching him how to drive a clutch car. Holding hands. Our first kiss. Moving to our second apartment. Moving to our third apartment. Going to the temple the first time. Making (what almost began to seem routine) trips to the ER with me either for me or for our baby. The party awaiting me following my first day of work as a teacher. Birthdays. Vacations. Date Nights.

All of these are such happy memories.


Today is the day that we buy a house.
This is a huge commitment thing.
We are buying a house.
We will sign our name over and over.
After an hour or so of signatures, we will be given the keys.
The keys to our house.
Today we will buy a house!

Tomorrow we will make it our home.

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Brown-Eyed Girl said...

so sweet and so exciting!