Monday, August 12, 2013

Lifelong Learner

A sweet girl in our ward is getting ready to leave for BYU in a couple of weeks. She just graduated from high school and is about to begin her BYU experience. Seeing her excitement has really made me pause to remember my BYU experience.

I remembered the Aims of BYU and decided to reread it.
"BYU seeks to develop students of faith, intellect, and character who have the skills and the desire to continue learning and to serve others throughout their lives."
School is one of my favorite places. Seriously. My love for learning and the classroom was likely a large contributing factor in deciding to become a teacher. I would love to continue learning and earn my master's degree. But it's not practical for me to go back to school right now. We can't afford it and there is no way we would take out student loans for me.

But there had to be more to becoming a "Lifelong Learner" other than attending a graduate school program. The in depth reading of "Lifelong Learning" stated,
"BYU should inspire students to keep alive their curiosity and prepare them to continue learning throughout their lives. BYU should produce careful readers, prayerful thinkers, and active participants in solving family, professional, religious, and social problems.... Thus a BYU diploma is a beginning, not an end, pointing the way to a habit of constant learning."
 I wanted to keep learning. I just had to figure out how. I decided to browse BYU Independent Study to see what it offered and if we could afford to have me in one class. Well... I discovered something wonderful!!

BYU IS supports Lifelong Learning for the financially-strained, living-on-one-income, hubby's-still-in-school,  just-bought-a-house, stay-at-home-mom (etc) lifestyle. THEY OFFER CLASSES FOR FREE!!! Yes. FREE! I filled out their sign up sheet and began browsing all the wonderful topics I can learn about--religious, gardening, parenting, values, swimming, the list goes on. (Here is the thing with the free classes though, they are non-graded and you earn no university credit.)

BYU IS free courses are perfect for me right now! I can continue learning without the expense of tuition. These classes are now part of my "Finding a New Dream." Goal: I am going to complete one class a month. I am not going to rush through the class just to get it done. I am going to enjoy learning and focus on applying what I learn to my life.

{I'm still reading and rereading all of the suggestions in the comments about finding a new dream... a new purpose... a new goal in life. I would love to hear more suggestions. I'm hoping these classes will help me become a "Sister Scriptorian" as well as a well balanced mother.}

P.S. BYU Independent Study is open to ANYONE! Not just BYU students or graduates! ANYONE! (And some of the classes are obviously designed for people with very low education. The goal is to teach anyone who is willing to learn.) You all should check it out! :)

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