Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Personal Progress--it's for me

Since we moved into our ward and attended church for the first time on July 21, I was greatly looking forward to last night. The Relief Society was planning a picnic and I was anxious to attend. It was an opportunity to talk and mingle and hopefully make more friends. The reminder sheet stated "Potluck Picnic," "Personal Progress," and "Personal Phitness." Apparently the planning committee had a "P" thing going on.

The potluck picnic was predictable. And the personal phitness was listed as doing yoga. But I could not figure out what Personal Progress was. So I started asking questions. What does it mean? Are the young women coming and the sisters help them? Are the sisters in my ward all working on personal progress? (If this was the case then I was going to ask for my own copy of the book so I could get started as well.) As I waited for a response, I looked up the program and was really hoping that I would be given my book and could start working on the program.

But the response came and I was disappointed. Apparently the point was to talk about goals. A guest speaker would come and help us set goals but they used the phrase "Personal Progress" because they wanted something with the letter "P." Even though it was not what I hoped for, I was still excited because it was still a chance to meet sisters in the ward. Seriously the activity could have been anything and I would have been just as excited.

While we were doing the yoga part of the evening, I learned that my stake has an hour fitness class Monday-Friday. And it is in the morning. And it's free. And Devin can come with and just play with toys/ run around near me. This is perfect. After one RS Zumba class in my old ward, I was converted! But the cost of the class and child care was out of our budget. Anyway... this is not the point of the post... so more on exercise classes another day. :)

The picnic was enjoyable. The conversation was sweet. The friendship will be enduring--I'm sure!

And by this point, I completely forgot about "Personal Progress."

One of the Young Women leaders then stood up and introduced the Personal Progress program and said that the Relief Society sisters would each be starting their own Personal Progress. I about died. What?! Obviously there was a total change in plans then from what I was first told. And I could hardly believe it. As this Young Women leader spoke and bore her testimony, the gentle feeling of the spirit came over me. 

This is exactly what I need right now in my life. Its a new dream to work on day by day. But it's not just a goal to finish to earn a medallion. It is a goal to change... to become better... to strengthen my family... to improve my relationship with the Savior. I am so excited to start and so grateful for the opportunity.

As I struggled to sleep last night (too many yummy treats from the picnic and too much excitement to start Personal Progress), I kept thinking about how blessed we are to have bought a house in this ward. I'm sure any Relief Society could start doing the Personal Progress program but the thing is, this ward is doing it. And I am able to start it with everyone. The timing is perfect for me. I get to start at the beginning instead of joining after the fact and feeling like I have to catch up. And I need it in my life. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when all the other house offers fell through and when this one worked out. He knew we needed to be here. I'm just so grateful that He answers our prayers better than we could have even imagined.


Spencer and Julie said...

Lisa this is great! So happy you found a great ward and get to start this new goal. Will you be able to earn a medallion too? And about the last post, I used to work for BYU IS and I can tell you that their free courses are awesome! Hopefully you will learn a lot.


Lisa said...

I'm pretty sure we will be earning our medallions. I want to earn the honor bee too! :)