Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yeah for Devin

Several Devin updates and pictures. 
I sure do love this little boy!!

While Devin has been waving for a long time... he finally started clapping. It is really cute. He claps when he is happy or excited. He claps when he is bored and needs something to do (like if I leave him in his high chair while I'm cleaning). He claps to get my attention.

Normally I don't let him drag his blankie all around the house. It stays in the crib. Maybe the car. But it is not something that I keep as a permanent attachment. However, I let him carry it with us a week or so ago when he turned into my Cuddlebug. And then he started playing peek-a-boo with it. He has absolutely loved playing peek-a-boo for many, MANY months... but has never played himself--probably because he was never allowed to have his blanket. This is now one of his favorite games to play during the day, especially when I'm changing his diaper!

About a week and half ago or so (since we have lived in our home), Devin finally figured out how to play with this shape sorting cube. And he LOVES it!! Before, he would just open the lid and take all the shapes out then put them back in the lid. We would try to show him how each shape fit in a different space. He randomly figured that out (all by himself--I was in the kitchen working on something and he was in the living room the first time) and is SOOO proud/ happy/ excited when the shape goes in correctly.

Devin had an absolute blast helping me pack all of the fragile things when we were at our apartment. He appointed himself as the newspaper-shredder and smile-grinner while we were working.

He was equally as helpful when we would unpack the boxes at our home. He would climb in the boxes and hand me whatever was inside. (Most of the time he was faster at handing me things than I could put away but at least I didn't have to dig down deep into the boxes!) He helped unpack the entire kitchen/ pantry. The only time Devin stopped handing me what was inside the box was when he found the chocolate chips. Instead of giving them to me, he quickly tried to eat as many as he could.

Devin loved finding our flour and sugar buckets. He would drag them all over the house and stack them up. He likes to drag/ push anything he can get his hands on. The dining room furniture is constantly being rearranged. :)

Sometimes I wonder why we even buy this kid toys. It is so funny the things that amuse him. Like his helmet. We have always kept them in a closet at our apartment. However, they were left out in the giant pile of stuff at our new home when we first moved. He found his (and both of ours) and thought it was the greatest thing ever. I'm not sure why he loved it because when he has to wear it in the bike stroller, he screams. The picture on the left is his frowny face. He was struggling to get the helmet on and ended up banging it against his head pretty hard trying to figure it out. (Instead of helping him immediately, I took a picture. Haha.)

Devin had a natural instinct for going up the stairs. I didn't have to teach him anything. He just went straight up the first time he saw stairs. However, he had no sense of height or fear and would try to walk straight down them and end up falling/ stumbling/ rolling down. I tried to teach how to sit down and scoot. He didn't get it. I kept trying. Later when I was scrubbing walls, he saw me standing on the black two-step ladder and wanted to climb up as well. He loved being taller and seeing what I was doing. But he never fell off it. He would go back down the same way he came up. I caught onto this pretty fast and used that technique to teach him how to go down the stairs. (The picture on the right is him coming down.) He comes down backward and he almost slides. But he is super fast and I'm just grateful he doesn't fall anymore. (He also knows the phrase "down on your tummy" and will sit down then roll over to his tummy. I rarely tell him "down on your tummy" anymore though because it is a habit.)

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