Monday, September 9, 2013

Choosing to Follow the Word of Wisdom

The goal for my life is healthy. Balanced. And in control. There is way more to life than being on a diet though. And something amazing hit me. Casey loves me. I know real shocker. But it's true. We were best friends in high school. He fell in love with me after his mission. And we were married for eternity during the middle of a semester.  (Yes. Middle. Life was crazy! And we basically ran on adrenaline.) Our love grew as we experienced life and as we added a cute Baby Bunny to our family. And guess what?! ALL of those times my size was never correct by the society set "mold" and he still looooooves me! AND I LOVE MYSELF!!

However. We are counseled to put off the natural man because it is an enemy to God. (Mosiah 3:19) Heavenly Father expects me to take care of His gift called my body. And He gave me guidelines with His law of health! (Word of Wisdom) And I have come to know that when I follow the laws Heavenly Father gives me, I am richly blessed. More blessed than I could ever imagine. In all aspects of my life. I just know that I need to make a better effort to follow the yes's in the Word of Wisdom. My pep-talk with myself worked. I'm feeling motivated.

Last spring, a former roommate and friend from EFY introduced me to the "Feel Great In 8" program. There are several different versions out there. I decided to try it because it was not a diet. I don't want to be on a diet the rest of my life-- (1) because I hate being on a diet and (2) it teaches my children (speaking in future terms here... we only have Devin and I'm not pregnant...) that the only way to be healthy/ live life is if you are dieting and counting calories. And I definitely did not want to do a meal replacement/ drink shakes/ etc because I don't want my children to grow up with that being the norm. The Word of Wisdom talks nowhere about skipping meals and replacing them with shakes. Heavenly Father knows what He is doing! If I were meant to count calories and do diet supplements instead of eating, I know it would be mentioned somewhere in His scriptures. But it's not. Instead He teaches me how to be healthy. The FGI8 program that I did helped me understand how to be healthy and how to follow His law.

With FGI8, it focuses on the well-rounded person, not just what you eat. I would earn points each day for drinking water and reading my scriptures as well as eating healthy and exercising. I liked the program and was able to maintain the lifestyle after it ended until we moved. And then I basically gave it up because fast food and sugary treats were much easier. Or so I thought. Really that was just an excuse. I could have reached for a fruit instead of cookies. I could have chosen to eat healthy but moving I guess became my crutch. 

The one thing I didn't like about FGI8 (which some people might actually love) was that I had to compete on a team. I didn't like it because as my team would consistently earn low scores, I felt like it was ok for me to earn low scores and stop trying. I do want support and love and help. But ultimately, I need to know that I am responsible and accountable for me and my score affects me--not my team.

So... (long post... hope you all love reading!) this is my game plan. I am going to be healthy. I am going to follow the Word of Wisdom because I know I will be blessed by doing so. I am going to teach Devin to live a healthy, balanced life by being an example. I am not going to focus on losing weight but I do hope that I will slowly, safely and healthy start shrinking because I have some pounds to spare. And hopefully loosing weight will help reduce the stress and pain on my knees!!

For anyone that wants to join me, this is my lifestyle goal. It will be a work in progress. 
  • DAILY:
    • 5+ different fruits/ vegetables (I call these "freshies" and every produce can count as one serving. I can still eat a baked potato/ avocado/ etc.)
    • 5+ healthy foods (whole grains, lean meats, low-fat/fat-free dairy)
    • Use moderation/ make healthy selections with foods that are in the middle of the healthy/ unhealthy scale (for example salad dressing, syrup, white bread, etc)
    • 64 oz water
    • No food after 8 pm (except one freshie if hungry) {And note: ideally because we go to bed so early, this would probably be 7 pm for me...}
    • Exercise for 45+ min, 5 days of the week (even something as simple as walking counts or splitting it up into sections so you are not doing an hour straight)
    • Exercise for 30+ min on the 6th day
    • Rest on Sunday
    • Enjoy two unhealthy foods {yes, really. No food is off limits! It just has to be eaten with careful moderation. I think this is following the Word of Wisdom rather well because we are meant to be healthy but still enjoy life!}
    • Meeting with my scale
    • Reflect on how the past week went. Focus on a success (not the amount of weight lost) and find one area that I could improve for the coming week.
I have still not decided if I am going to share my weekly meeting with the scale and my reflection or not....? I have total mixed feelings on the matter.

And just for the record: I am NOT saying that counting calories is a sin or that this is the only way to follow the WoW. I just knows this works for me and I feel like it follows it. But each is entitled to their own interpretation!!

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