Saturday, September 14, 2013

Devin's Data: 15 Months

He would not stand still on the big boy scale.
He barely stayed put on this one.
Weight: 24.69 lbs (53%)

Height: 32.5 in (~80%)

Head Circumference: 18.5 in (45%)

Clothing Size: Up until a few weeks ago he was wearing mostly 12 month. He recently had a huge growth spurt and now all his pants are floods. Surprisingly though there are still some 6-9 that he fits and some 18+ month that are too small.

Diaper Size: During the day he wears 3s. At night it is 4s.

Personality: Devin is VERY friendly and likes to smile, say hello and wave to everyone! Seriously. Everyone! He is extremely smart and can figure out how to do something after me showing him how once and he has a great memory. He is happy, kind, gentle, affectionate and obedient. He is also very strong physically--our doctor tells me this at every appointment.

Milestones: He cleans up by himself (as long as I sing the clean up song). He follows instructions really well (like when I tell him to go put his shoes away he takes them to the closet or telling him to throw garbage away he walks over and lifts up the lid and throws it away). He can touch his head on command. He points to all the pictures in the book and "reads" to me (he makes a chatter sound as he touches the object). His tantrums were extreme before he started communicating--now life is much happier! He goes up and down stairs extremely fast the crawling way and he can go up and down the "big boy" way as long as he can touch the wall or hold my hand for balance. He is great at running and climbing.

Eating: He eats what we are eating. For the most part. But he has to do it himself!! It surprises me the things he likes. If he doesn't like something he will pick it up off his tray and put it on the table or drop it on the floor. Some things that he loves: rice, water chestnuts, "healthy" cereals (he lives on this stuff I swear), string cheese, pasta, applesauce.

Sleeping: We are trying hard to get him to bed by 9. He normally sleeps until 7 am. He takes one long nap in the afternoon.

Communication: This past month his communication has taken off. It reminds me of Helen Keller when he finally clicked that everything has a name. He uses sign language to tell me what he wants and it helps reduce tantrums so much! His first signing word was "please." His signing 
vocabulary is growing rapidly. He uses "please," "help," "thank you," "all done," "cereal," "applesauce," "cheese," "cracker," "cookie," "fruit snack," and "car" on a regular basis. 
His first speaking word was "ah-pab." It means airplane and he says it every time he either sees or hears one. He also says "momma," "help," "hello," "bye," "up," and "uh-oh."

Likes: He loves playing outside and pushing his lawnmower or car. He always wants to stand on our two-step stool and help me in the kitchen. He loves reading books and playing with a Lightning McQueen car that talks and goes by itself.  One of his favorite games to play by himself is peek-a-boo.

Dislikes: He hates having his nose touched or wiped. He doesn't like being told no. He hates sitting in timeout.

Nicknames: Buddy, when we are talking to each other we call him Baby Bunny but I rarely call him that anymore. He is so not a baby anymore--he is our little boy!

Most Memorable Moment(s): Moving into our house--he helped me both pack and unpack all the boxes! He has to help me clean everything--thank goodness for having a kid size vacuum and broom! He started giving kisses and will come to me during the middle of the day with his lips puckered.

Hardest Part: I hate putting him in timeout. I do it. But I hate doing it. It is also extremely hard when I still don't know what he wants. He signs "help" or "please" and I have no idea what he wants. He will keep signing it and then becomes upset when I fail to figure out and meet his needs.

Lisa's Favorite Part: I love his kisses. And his hugs. I love seeing his friendly smile. I love that we are able to do things together more and that he understands.

Casey's Favorite Part: I'm grateful Devin has started communicating with his words and signing.

Not the greatest quality... but SO cute!
We are a happy family!! :)

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