Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Farmer's Market Scavenger Hunt

Date night has become a routine over here. But in a good way. Like I know that no matter how bad the week is or how little time I get to spend with my sweetheart because of his work and school, he is all mine on Friday evenings. And for a brief few hours each week, we have little other cares in the world. We get to hold hands and giggle and share dinner. It's like time stands still and I get to fall in love all over again. Week after week after week. Our goal to go on a planned ahead and paired off date was one of our best decisions! It is blessing our lives and marriage.

This past week was my turn to plan the date. I loved our bookstore scavenger hunt date. We had so much fun wandering around and finding the each book and then sharing them with each other. Just thinking about the sweet memories brings a smile to my face. So I decided to ask Casey on another scavenger hunt to the Farmer's Market. I would just look it up on google, print off an already made list and away we would go. Well. That plan worked well except the only pre-made hunts were worksheets for kids. I found one vague Farmer's Market Date Night idea that pretty much said that they went and wandered around and it was a great place to go for 1st and 2nd dates. So not what I was looking for. No thanks to the worksheets and I didn't want to just wander around. I think it was more engaging and memorable with a plan.

So I made my own Farmer's Market Scavenger Hunt Date Night. And we really enjoyed it! There was a major dust storm going on just before we got out of the car. Everything was covered in dust and it kept blowing in our eyes. But we pressed forward because we were Baby Bunny free and made the most of it.

Before we arrived, I looked at our budget and knew we had very little extra money (all money is currently going to our furnace fund! Which will be fixed tomorrow, btw... YEAH!!! ...more on that later though...). So we each had $2 to spend. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but in some ways it made the experience more memorable because we had to search and search to find the best deals.

Happy Farmer's Market Dating! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!
Sorry if the picture looks blurry in the post. Click on the picture to enlarge it then save/ copy it to print it in clear, readable format! :)

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