Thursday, September 5, 2013

FYI: Raising Our Son

Dear Devin,

There is quite the controversy in blog land these past couple of days. I don't need to recap it or even link to it because that's not the point. The point is, I love you. And every mother loves their child just as much as I love you. I love when you come up to me, in the middle of the day as you are playing, with your lips puckered all ready for a kiss. I love how you give me a hug when I tell you "I love you."

But you won't always be 15 months old. Soon you will learn how to read and know how to actually use my iTouch--more than your current use of only pushing the home button over and over. I put it in lock mode before I give it to you so you can only use the one app that I opened but soon you will learn how to escape lock mode. Then you will be able to check my facebook page, my email, my etc and see all the apps I installed without me knowing. And you might even post things on my facebook to be funny. 

Devin, the only way I am only going to teach you what is appropriate and what our standards are is if I live them myself. I have to keep my facebook news feed and other social media filled with people I love and trust who only share things that are appropriate. I have to know who I'm following because it is my responsibility, not theirs, to keep my feed filled with things that are virtuous and of good report. (Article of Faith 13)

I know as you grow older that you will follow my example much better than my words. So I hope I set an example that would be worth copying. And I know you will have questions as you grow from toddler to teenager (in the blink of an eye) but I hope our relationship will be firm enough that you will come to me. That we can talk. And laugh. And cry. And think together. Yes, Devin, I want you to think! I want you to learn what is right and then make your own choices. I want you to learn to be responsible for you. I want you to learn to use your social media for good.

The compliment we hear from strangers almost constantly right now is, "look at those eyes" and "he is going to be such a heartbreaker when he grows up." Funny how the compliment is a two edge sword and almost more of an insult. Devin, please learn how to use your beautiful eyes for good. Learn to let the Light of Christ shine from them. Learn to then be an example to others. Learn that others have feelings and learn to help them through their trials.  Learn to post things that would be worth reading and following. And please, especially please learn that your momma will always need your hugs, kisses and I love yous. 

Devin, I know we have a huge responsibility as your parents to raise you to be a man of integrity and faith and compassion and virtue. I hope I can become like one of the mothers of the Stripling Warriors and that you will know that God will deliver you. (Alma 56:47-48) And that you will be able to say to others that your mother taught you. (Alma 57:21) But more than just teaching, I hope you will be able to follow who I am--that I can continue to work day by day on being a woman of integrity and faith and compassion and virtue.

Life is not an easy road. Keep your focus on the times when you will be dressed in white. See yourself wearing white for your baptism and white when you go through the temple. Just know that the blessings from the temple are worth every sacrifice. Devin, I know we will be facing an uphill climb and battle. But I know that together, with the Savior (and Daddy), we will succeed!

With my eternal love,
Lisa (aka that's Mommy to you Mr. Devin)