Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Goodbye Dust Bunnies & Cobwebs

Have you ever walked in a house and your first thought is "It's just so clean in here?" Well that house has definitely not been mine in the past. It was always a nice idea but seemed like so much work. I'm not a fan of cleaning. I did not grow up in one of those "just so clean" houses. This cleaning thing is not something that comes natural to me. But I can learn. I can learn to make my house be one of those "just so clean" houses.

According to the Bible Dictionary, "only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness." When I think about the physical building of a temple, it is clean, organized and clutter-free. The physical condition of the temple seems to invite the spirit easily. The goal of our home is to have the spirit reside here constantly and a place where we feel comfortable and loved.

So I knew I had to change my current cleaning habits (or lack thereof). I googled to find a cleaning calendar. I am a great list-maker and completer. A list gives me something to stay focused on and also allows me to see what I accomplished at the end. I knew a chart would provide me with a list to follow. After googling, allow me just to say... there are hundreds of them out there. I looked at several dozen but couldn't find one that I wanted to print. I would like parts about one and something else about another. I finally decided to create my own. And it has helped! A lot!! I keep up with it everyday. I have honestly made our bed (or Casey has if he woke up last on the weekend) every single day we have lived in our new home. And there is something amazing about climbing into a made bed at the end of the day. And something equally amazing about living in a clean, organized, peaceful home.

So... Tuesdays are definitely my hardest days simply because it is the swing day. And part of me wishes I could just ignore them because I don't have to deal with those things regularly. But I want to keep our house clean in hopes of it never ending up like the dirty disaster we bought. Also... I take the garbage out as needed when it becomes full. On Tuesdays, I take the garbage cans out to the street so they can be dumped the next day.

I try to get everything done before lunch then I can use afternoon nap time for me-time. But somedays, I end up cleaning/ folding clothes/ etc once I put Devin down. But I definitely have everything done before I start making dinner! After dinner, I have a hard time finding the motivation to complete my evening chores--I don't want to add to that list!! I actually try to minimize it by keeping up with the dishes while I am making them, washing the counters when I'm done using them, sorting the mail as I bring it in the house (Casey never even sees the junk mail now because I already threw it away), and picking up toys before we sit down for our family dinner. There is not much I can do about sweeping early because Devin will still be eating dinner (and feeding himself).

Time to go start my daily routine... I still don't love cleaning. But I LOVE the end result and that keeps me motivated!

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