Friday, September 20, 2013

he's a little boy!

It hit me the other day that Devin is no longer a baby. At all. 
He had a major growth spurt recently.
And is now our little boy.
Enjoy our comings and goings with several pictures! :)
And I LOVE how he is smiling in a majority of the pictures.
He has the cutest smile!!

We have crazy weather these days. The afternoons are often filled with flash floods. And Devin insists that he has to go outside to check out the thunder. Sometimes I can convince him to sit on the porch with me. Other times... not so much. He was pushing his lawnmower and found the mud. He LOVES playing in the mud!

Devin drags that two-step ladder everywhere. With it, he can see and help. If it is put away, he will constantly sign help by the closet door to tell me he wants it. He had a brilliant idea to try to open the door with his step stool. Thankfully, he doesn't get how to twist door handles yet!

Helping me clean the kitchen. But if you will notice, all the hard work required a break time. He dropped his broom and started playing peek-a-boo (his hand is covering his eyes). After he played for a little bit, he went back to sweeping.

We were able to ride the Heber Creeper with all my family earlier this month. Devin enjoyed being able to look out the window and sit or stand on the seat next to Grandma instead of having to be buckled in his rear facing car seat.

Devin loves helping me cook. He is great at sampling whatever I'm making and banging the measuring cups on the counter. He is also great at smiling and making me laugh! :)

Another time helping me cook. He LOVED sampling this. It was the leftover filling (more like a frosting consistency) for some cinnamon rolls I made earlier. Which reminds me. I should post that recipe!

Awh. I just love seeing my sleeping boy. He is adorable!

Devin likes to push this car all over our driveway and sidewalk. Thankfully, somehow, I was able to teach him to stay out of the road. He rarely goes out to the road now. He begs me to take him outside to play.

He also likes to sit in his car. But he doesn't understand that it is a "Flintstone car" and that he can drive walk himself around while he is sitting.

I have no idea how he falls asleep in such awkward places. He was sitting on the bean bag on minute playing with Friend. The next he fell over asleep cuddling with Friend. Such a cutie!

Devin always wants to feed himself. Always. I have found that thick oatmeal is a good "learning to use a spoon" food. Picture below is yogurt and it is terrible for feeding himself. We have to hose him, his clothes, the high chair, and the floor down afterwards.

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