Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Ultimatum

Remember recently how I was working on convincing myself to start eating healthy again? And how I came up with a game plan? Well... I now found the motivation.

I was able to meet with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. This opening in the schedule was a miracle. After being referred by my family doctor last week, I called to make an appointment. The receptionist was totally surprised that I would be able to come in just a few days later because someone must have canceled. And I feel very blessed! You see I'm turning 26 in less than a month. Currently I am on my parents insurance. But it will automatically kick me off at 12:01 on my birthday. I will be added to Casey's insurance. But... my parents have better coverage with smaller out of pocket expense. If any procedure/ surgery/ therapy had to happen, I wanted it to be done on their insurance!

So I explain my knee pain to the doctor. And I had x-rays taken. My knees look healthy-ish! (They could be way worse... so we will just be grateful they are as good as they are!) But both of my knee caps are slightly shifted to the outside and I apparently already have minor arthritis. Knees are supposed to look smooth like a cue ball but according to the doctor, mine would look like a shaggy carpet. Lovely right?! I'm 25 years old! 

When I was 16, I had a major work-related accident while working in a nursing home. And I damaged both knees. Therapy, braces, medicine, Priesthood Blessings, etc later, the pain went away and life was good again. The guess is though that it caused the arthritis to start.

I was totally preparing myself mentally to have knee surgery. So when the doctor suggested something as simple as getting shots instead, I was pretty excited! The shot is to help cushion the part of my knee cap that shifted and in theory raise it back to the correct place. Though I kind of freaked out when the shot was actually injected into each knee and it HURT!! I have no idea how to even describe the pain. The doctor tried asking me what it felt like. I didn't know what to relate it to so I sat there gripping the examining table while Devin watched from his grandma's arms with a look of concern and compassion. And I get to go back for two more shots in each knee. Yeah.

Here is the catch. There is no corrective treatment other than a total knee replacement. (At least that was the impression I got.) I have two options. Go back every six months (or more when the pain becomes intense again) and get shots for the rest of my life. Or loose weight to take the strain off my knees. Hmmm... Considering the ultimatum placed before me, it's not too hard of a choice. 

Healthy knees and healthy me... here I come!

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Churndash said...

I understand you don't want to have knee replacement until you're quite a bit older - they only last 15 years or so. My mother had it done a couple of years ago and it is PAINFUL and takes a long time to recover from. So stick with the shots and getting healthy.

--Love, Kathy