Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wheeler Farm

Feeding the ducks is always a fun activity at Wheeler Farm. But there is so much more than just ducks! And I think that our exploration of the farm just scratched the surface. Wandering around the farm is FREE!! (Best price ever!) Sidenote: When I was growing up, my mom said that Wheeler Farm used to charge. I always just assumed it still did. I don't know when it changed but now it is part of Salt Lake County Parks and it really is free! There are a few activities (like watching the cows get milked or going on a wagon ride) that charge a minimal amount.

Devin enjoyed seeing animals. And following his cousin. He liked playing in the old tree house.

But his absolute favorite part...

We went a month or so ago with a friend to Wheeler Farm. Devin apparently has an amazing memory. As soon as he saw the tractor he started signing "help" then grabbed my hand and practically sprinted to the tractor. He remembered driving it and was so excited to do it again. He knew that he needed my help to be lifted up onto the seat. (I never know what Devin understands or if he is too little to get things. But this was an eye opening moment for me. He not only understands, he remembers!! He is definitely old enough to enjoy field trips!)

So... pack a picnic... grab a jacket... save your old bread... Wheeler Farm is calling your name! 4 tractor wheels approved! :)

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