Sunday, October 13, 2013

WitchFest with a Frog

There are days when Casey comes home from work and I realize that Devin and I have not even left the house and then I wonder what did we do all day. In order to make memories last a lifetime, you have to do just that... make them. Sometimes staying home all day is needed because I was working on a project that had a deadline. Sometimes staying home all day is needed so I can catch up on my chores.

But sometimes it is just good to get out. To make those memories that I will cherish someday when I'm old and wrinkled and Devin is raising his own family.

Our field trip this past week was to Gardner Village to see the WitchFest. Devin seemed to enjoy it. He wasn't a huge fan of being really close to the witches but loved seeing all the people. He waves at everyone he passes. I made him walk and hold my hand the whole time and he is a trooper! 

Not many people were wearing costumes. But I didn't care. I dressed Devin up as a little frog. I figured frogs and witches went together. :) Just more memories for me to savor!

Before we went, I printed the Witch Scavenger Hunt and invited my mom. It is great to have company! We had to keep hunting but successfully found all 15 witches. We took a picnic lunch and just enjoyed our time together.

I would totally recommended Witch Fest to anyone with young children, old children or no children. 5 out of 5 warts. It is just a fun place to enjoy the upcoming holiday. Happy Field Tripping!

P.S. Stay tuned... I'm going to (1) make an effort to get out and about with Devin and (2) record those memories so you can be inspired too. Very likely that most ideas will be free or extremely cheap!

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