Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am Grateful for:

This pretty much speaks for itself! 

Instead of listing something I'm grateful for everyday on Facebook, I decided to fill in one simple worksheet. At least it looked simple before I began filling it out. It was interesting trying to figure out what to write in some of the categories--I really had to think and grow. 

And please know, there are so many countless relationships I'm grateful for and people who have helped me... unfortunately, I had a limited number of spaces for this activity. Also, my apologies that it is a bit difficult to read. I had to make the font rather small in order to fit it in the shape. If you click on the picture, it *should* become larger and hopefully easier to read.

Here is the fun part. It's your turn. Head to Second Chance to Dream and download your gratitude sheet. Then either print it off and fill it in (then scan it so you can post it). Or, I opened the picture in PowerPoint then added a text box for each separate shape. Once I was finished, I saved it as a jpeg.

And here is the best part. Let's play a game. I'm going to TAG...
Once you post your grateful sheet, be sure to tag back to me (so I can link to your actual post) and then tag others to keep spreading grateful hearts. :)

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