Saturday, December 21, 2013

Memories are Made...

I learned a valuable lesson in the last few months.
Sorry for going MIA.
But memories are not made by:
blog posts statistics,
 the perfect food picture to share,
or something clever to write.

Memories are made day in and out.
Memories are made giggling.
Memories are made together.

Memories are Made...

...doing arts and crafts
(This is a masking tape mummy. If you use your imagination like Devin, I'm sure you can see it!)
...reading books

...digging for dinosaur fossils

...dressing as a frog for the Scarecrow festival

...playing in the bouncy house

...participating in a Halloween scavenger hunt
(This year for Halloween Devin was an airplane--his favorite word at the time.
Casey and I were air traffic controllers.)
...playing in Dino land

...learning to drive a car with Devin's cousin

...and also a tractor
(Driving the tractor was by far the favorite of both boys while we walked around Wheeler Farm.)
 ...flying over to the library for story time

...riding TRAX

...making a mess

...and learning to wash your own face

...begging for chocolate
(This was part of my anniversary present for Casey.
Devin is frantically signing "please" in hopes of Casey sharing.)
...making racetracks
(This was totally Devin's idea!)
 ...and driving another tractor
(Out of all the play equipment, Devin loved driving the best.)
 ...building a nest out of paper towels

...helping yourself to the chocolate cake
(Devin balanced on his rocking horse to grab the cake and my keys off the counter.
He was so proud of himself--he's self sufficient after all. LoL!)
...shoveling the snow for the first time

...learning how to close a folding chair

...touring Festival of Trees

...waiting in line to ride the train
(I just had to include this picture!
Devin was SOOO excited to ride the train at the mall.
He was smiling SOOO big and wiggling all over the place.
Even though my selfie skills are lacking, I just LOVE Devin's smile!)
...then riding said train with two of Devin's cousins

...cuddling with the vacuum (which is currently his favorite word)

...frosting gingerbread cookies

...trying to open the back door

...and finally sitting with Santa!
(Devin would not go for sitting on his lap by himself.
As long as I held him, he was ok.)

And just in case I get caught up making more memories instead of blogging...

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Becky said...

I love Devin's Halloween costume! Sooo cute! Thanks for the picture update, I love seeing what's going on in your life!!!