Monday, April 14, 2014

3rd Times a Charm

Last week I had the opportunity to attend three different doctor's appointments. Lucky me, right?! Seriously though, it just makes me so grateful that we live in a day and age with medical advances.

1st Doctor Visit
The Baby made us slightly nervous last week and my doctor wanted to check it out. The ultrasound found another slight complication. Thankfully my doctor wasn't super concerned. Apparently the baby is fighting hard to come to earth and be born. Keep fighting Baby!
About 12.5 weeks pregnant
Top picture: Baby's head is on the left and itty bitty baby bottom on the right. You can also see the umbilical cord.
Bottom picture: a tiny, tiny foot

2nd Doctor Visit
While I was at the baby doctor appointment, Devin tripped over his own feet and bit his lower lip on the outside and took a good chunk out of the inside. Thankfully no stitches or clipping was required!
Crazy how big this kid is getting!!
3rd Doctor Visit
The following morning, the pediatrician called me and was concerned about Devin and wanted to check it out again. So we went back and may have another follow up visit sometime this week.

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