Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Greater Joy

Apparently yesterday Devin borrowed our blog to write his own SURPRISE post. If you somehow missed reading it, then STOP reading this post and go read his first.

And to answer everyone's question... is this for real or an April Fool's joke?
I want everyone to read 3 John 1:14.
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."
That's a very true statement. And just so everyone is clear, Devin definitely does walk in truth!

  • We are due October 19. I am 11 weeks, 2 days. The baby will be born between mine and Casey's birthdays. Devin will be 28 months when the baby is born.
  • Apparently the sickness I have had for the past months and went to the doctor to be tested for everything was a combination of two things. 1. Lactose intolerant (which is a new concept for me personally but not my family. I'm dealing with it pretty well. I just drink Lactaid milk now and take lactaid pills anytime I eat any dairy.) And 2. Morning sickness. I have felt nauseous/ been sick since about January.
    • I thought I never felt this before but I went and looked back at the blog and apparently with Devin, I only had it in the early morning and again after school. With this baby it is CONSTANT and eating didn't really help too much. Nothing helped a ton.
    • It is finally starting to get a bit better.
  • The baby hates sugar! I can't eat any treats/ desserts/ candy without getting sick. And chocolate or brown sugar are the worst! Even tiny chocolate chips in granola bars don't settle well. 
  • I am in the awkward clothing size where my maternity clothes are too big but my regular clothes are too small. I have a few pairs of pants with stretchy bands (but not the maternity tummy panel) that are now my best friends.
    • I don't think I am really "showing." I just look bigger. I weigh a lot more this time around then I did with Devin....
  • Because of complications at first, I have already seen the doctor three times. I have had two major ultra sounds and two in office ultrasounds. BUT. EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW!!! Baby is healthy and strong and totally beat the odds! And it is now considered to be a "normal" pregnancy. Although, we would always love extra prayers....

We are very excited to become a family of four. We are trusting in Heavenly Father's timing and wisdom. 

This is ~10 weeks pregnant.
The head is on the right and its waving "hi!"
When I watch and hear its heart beat,
my heart totally melts!!

And I just have to say... We had Devin's Surprise announcement post planned long before that one blog went viral about the cruelness and insensitivity of fake/ April first pregnancy announcement. We apologize if anyone was offended or hurt yesterday. That was definitely not the intention....

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