Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Perfect Mother's Day Moment

Every mom dreams of the "ideal" Mother's Day. You know... flowers and breakfast in bed. Clean kitchen. Hair curled. Angel children at church. Etc.

Well Sunday, I had my perfect Mother's Day moment. But believe me it was far from the "ideal" make believe dream. 

I was the first one up because the Baby now sits on my bladder and I constantly feel like I have to go to the bathroom. Casey slept in then made breakfast--waffles that stuck to the waffle iron and burnt pancakes (but he was nice enough to give me the two that didn't turn black!). Dishes everywhere while trying to get all three of us in and out of the shower in record time. (Note to self: take baths on Saturday!!) 

But we were on time to church!! And my ward had a lovely mingle for all the sisters.That part can fall into the "ideal" category. 

That wasn't what made the perfect moment though. Casey picks Devin up from nursery and they come find me. Devin is wailing. "Bwankie." I try bribing him with a hug and left over apple slice from the mingle. He's inconsolable. We go get our coats. Casey tries to help Devin. Devin loudly whines "Mommy!" and refused to let Casey help. We get in the car. Devin crying and insists I have to awkwardly stretch my arm from the front seat the whole ride home so we can hold hands. 

We come inside and get blanket. I can't understand him through his almost constant tears. He then piles blanket, Elmo, a board book, the leftover three apple slices, and himself on my lap. Cuddle with a story while eating apples. And nap time. I sing to him and give him a kiss then shut his door. "Mommy!" I hear through his whimpers. Finally it is quiet and he's asleep. 

This really was my favorite moment during the day. Mother's Day is not about flowers or chocolate or a new necklace. It's about love. Love from a child to mommy. And from mom to baby. And even though Devin wasn't expressing himself very well, I know that's what he meant. "I love you Mommy! I love you enough to trust you. I trust you can help me feel better and know someone cares about me." Devin turned to me for nurturing. He turned to me for assurance. He turned to me for comfort. And that is what being a mother is all about--unconditional love! Something I watched my own Mommy give so freely but I only barely began to understand as I became a mommy myself. 

P. S. Casey totally did all the dishes during nap time. He really is amazing!!

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Brown-Eyed Girl said...

There are so many good blog posts about mothers around mother's day. One of my favorite was explaining how even if we can do nothing right, nothing good enough, there is no one else in this world who can nurture and comfort our children the way that we can. That is something that cannot be replaced better by someone else. Only we can do that perfectly.

So glad you were able to feel that completeness on a special day that celebrates mothers!