Sunday, July 27, 2014

Redefining Love

For some reason this has been on my mind for awhile. Probably because I still have so much more to learn. But I have decided that I really don't know what love is--the love that Casey and I share. 

I thought I knew.

Love was staying up late, a first kiss, holding hands, becoming engaged.
Love was wearing my wedding dress, kneeling in the temple, being sealed for time and eternity.
Love was having someone to come home to after class, a study buddy.
Love was going on dates, sitting together, holding hands, kissing my best friend.
Love was celebrating accomplishments, finding a new job, moving together.
Love was two little blue lines on the pregnancy test, bringing our baby home from the hospital.
Love was buying our first home.

But I was wrong. Love is those things. But it is not only those things. It is so much deeper.

Love is learning to fight together for a purpose instead of against each other.
Love is taking a timeout when frustrations arise then coming back together again.
Love is pleading with Heavenly Father for our needs to be taken care of.
Love is counting pennies ump-teen times hoping they stretch just a little further.
Love is clinging to each other when everything else tries to rip us apart.
Love is facing this unpredictable life together.
Love is deeper today than it was yesterday and deeper tomorrow than today.
Love is change.
Love is constant.
Love is eternal.

Love is something I still can't define. Love is something I hope to understand in 5 more years... maybe 50 or 60.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making Memories Today

There are times when I start thinking about the future and I just get overwhelmed.

How can I love a school-aged son and let my sidekick go to class without me?
How can I love a teenage son and let my little buddy go out with friends without me?
How can I love a missionary son and let my playmate go into the world without me?
How can I love a married son and let my sweet Baby Bunny go to his own home without me?

Thinking of the future... of growing up... of letting go... just brings me to tears.

So I have to take a step back. And focus instead on today.

Today I'm going to give Devin extra kisses even when I'm frustrated.
Today I'm going to spend more time playing Legos even when I have other things to do.
BTW: This is a "Tow Truck" Devin built all by himself.
I was impressed with his imagination!!
Today I'm going to run around the house chasing each other even when I'm hot.
Today I'm going to celebrate the little things even when they are easier to overlook.

Today I'm going to listen to Devin's heartfelt prayers (which list everything he is grateful for) even when I'm tired. (No promises not to laugh during his prayers though. Casey and I both secretly look at each other and giggle.)
Today I'm going to make time for him even when there are errands to run.

Today I'm going to choose to be grateful even when the messes pile up.
Today I'm going to remember to love my sweet 2 years, 1 month and 1 day old even when something seems more important. Because really, nothing is more important than the memories we make today!