Tuesday, August 5, 2014

29 Weeks

I thought it might be time for another baby update. I am 29 weeks and 2 days. Yesterday I had the lovely opportunity to take the glucose test. The fruit punch flavor didn't bother me—it was just like drinking a melted otter pop. But all the sugar upset my stomach. It was just like being back in first trimester and sick anytime I ate any sugar. I will find out the results tomorrow and I’m praying that I’m cleared because I really don’t want to have to take the three hour test with a stronger sugar drink!

I have really been enjoying the past few days where the temperature has been significantly cooler! Devin and I eat otter pops on a regular basis! My fingers have swollen and I can no longer wear my wedding ring. Technically, I can get it on in the morning but then throughout the day my finger will begin to ache and even throb.

Right now, I am in the process of making a car seat cover. Allow me just to say, it is going to be darling! Pink and girly and frilly! It is a slow process though because my sewing machine is in the basement and Devin is not allowed down there. So I can only really work on it during nap time but most of the time I take a nap while he does.

We have been very blessed to inherit hand me downs from family and friends! I haven’t felt up to sorting everything yet but I’m excited that Baby Girl will get to look like a girl instead of just the gender neutral things from Devin.

My favorite food at the moment is a new recipe to our family. But I’m seriously obsessed with it and have made it several times since obtaining the recipe fairly recently. It is a butter dumpling with potatoes. So simple but oh my gosh, I am in love! I really enjoy sugar free chocolate milk or sugar free banana milk.

We have an ultrasound scheduled at the end of this month simply because of the position Baby Girl was in at the 20 week appointment. The tech could see her vital organs but because she was curled up in a tight ball with her legs crossed and refused to move, they couldn't get the close-ups they wanted. I’m so grateful for Casey’s new job and having better insurance! We have already reached our deductible (hallelujah for low deductibles!) so the insurance will cover 80% of it. (Because our deductible was so high with his old job, basically all the ultrasounds—I had several due to complications at the beginning—were out of pocket expense because we had yet to reach the deductible.)

Devin gives Baby Sister hugs and kisses. And he tries to wrap my tummy in a blanket to make sure Baby Sister stays warm. Little does he know that Baby Sister and I are already sweating…. He loves playing with his doll, Baby Sally, and feeds and takes care of her! He is so sweet and caring and I really appreciate his gentleness and love. He will be such a good big brother! We are taking him to a sibling class offered at the hospital later this month—I’m sure he will love it!

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