Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Another letter came in the mail from our insurance. It had to be notarized stating that we only had one car insurance at the time of the accident. I'm still slightly confused with this idea. I don't know many people that have multiple coverage for the family car. But whatever. I am used to having to jump through hoops. After all, I am a college graduate. And a college graduate because of multiple scholarships. That is all about hoop jumping. Surely this hoop can be jumped through too!

I take it to our credit union on Aug 12. I sit in the waiting room. I'm ready to send this back in the mail and face the next obstacle during this unknown time in our lives. And then I talk with the notary person.

She could not help me. Legally, I am not being sued and my name is not on the paper. It's Casey's and he has to sign the paper in front of the notary person in order for them to then notarize it. Do you have any idea how hard this is going to be? He works like 9 hour days and commutes by public transportation. He doesn't get home until all credit unions are closed.

Thankfully, she had an idea and called another branch that stays open later. That branch confirmed that they would be open until 7 pm with at least one notary person there. And bless Casey's dear timing, he was able to get home by about 6:40, pick up Devin and leave immediately. I was going to my ward's RS enrichment night and Casey had volunteered to babysit the nursery. I packed him a dinner. He grabbed the papers and made it before that credit union branch closed.

I sent our now lovely notarized document in the mail and waited.

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