Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stake Conference = Success!

The last phrase from D&C 38:30 kept circling through my mind this week.

"...if ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

I know it is often thought about with food storage and the Second Coming. But for me, it meant Stake Conference--at least last week it did. I was excited for Stake Conference. I personally enjoy it and feel like it is always an opportunity for a spiritual recharge.

But I knew it was going to take work if we were going to last the whole time. My darling two year old is extremely active, cheerful and energetic. He likes to move and go. And loud, rowdy play. He is so determined and talkative. Not that any of these are problems. But I could easily predict the expectation of quiet, reverent, sitting still for two hours was going to clash. However, I had to remind myself that HE IS TWO! While, we do hold him to high standards during church meetings, he is still just two and he is allowed to be a two year old.

I had a plan. I packed the diaper bag full of surprises. And I was not afraid to face Stake Conference with our darling Mr. Devin.
  • "Church" Mater & Sally
  • "Church" Mickey & Minnie
    • He ONLY gets to play with these during church. It is a big deal for him!
  • LDS Coloring pictures & Mommy's colored pens
  • a few church books & 4x6 picture books I had already made
  • Two new file folder "games" I made him during the past week
  • His blanket
  • And snacks
    • his favorite crackers
    • fruit snacks
    • sippy cup
    • AND gummy worms
    • AND mini Oreos
      • Both of these are again a huge deal for him and not something he gets very often.
1. Helping Noah match all the animals before the flood
2. Matching the correct penny color to pay tithing
3. Black and white to color matching of things to do on Sunday

1. Driving Sally and Mater around town. It has our home, the library, the play ground, etc.
2. When someone would reference a scripture, the idea was he would show Mickey or Minnie. (He does know all the BoM prophets on the page but there wasn't enough scripture referencing for this to really work.)
3. Similar idea but showing Mickey or Minnie the topic that the speaker was addressing.
And somehow we made it. I don't think we would have survived another 10 minutes even but we made it. He was in the meeting and for the most part fairly quiet the entire two hours. The file folder games were awesome and helpful. But he still got tired of them. Thank goodness for special treats--they worked like a charm when we were getting desperate towards the end. 

Way more important than file folders and sugar bribery was what Stake Conference meant to me. This past week has been a struggle. Unknown territory. Uncertain future. Unexplained situations. And not just with the pending lawsuit. Life is hard and definitely does not follow the plan we wrote for ourselves. But the answers came to my long, tear stained journal entries through many speakers. (Just for the record, I will blame the emotions on pregnancy. Life really is great--but pregnancy hormones sure have a way of making everything seem different.) And that is why we worked so hard to keep Devin in the meeting, is because we wanted to be in the meeting. We both wanted to feel the spirit and be guided through the challenging times we are facing.

If I would have heard no other part of the meeting, this tiny gem will always stay with me. I'm pretty sure it was meant just for me--though I bet others benefited! :)

Elder Marcus B. Nash of the First Quorum of the Seventy said,
"Heavenly Father doesn't cause the tough things to happen. But He offers comfort and healing when they do."

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