Monday, August 18, 2014

The Initial Shock

Nineteen months ago, Casey was in a car accident on the freeway while coming home from work. Unfortunately, he was at fault and it totaled our car. And we have yet to replace that car. We have since been blessed with the wonderful opportunity of learning to love each other more than we love our one car and how to take turns sharing.

Nearly two years later, you think the accident would be a thing of the past. But it's not because one of the people in the truck he ran into (which had practically no damage) continues to submit medical bills. Our insurance tried settling with the guy but to no luck. Instead that guy got a lawyer and has threatened a lawsuit for many months now. There was nothing we could do other than continue living so it we just set it aside. But it was always there in the very back corner of our mind.

And now all of the sudden, it has slammed us in the face. Our insurance mailed us a letter, on August 6, telling us who our attorney would be from them. I was surprised and shocked because we had not heard anything for awhile now. And all of the sudden I was scared. The what if's filled my mind faster than I could think of them. The law office was closed at the time we read the letter but I wanted answers immediately.

And life had to continue on even through the nerve wracking, worst case scenarios I had created in my mind. I had a sweet little boy to take care of and responsibilities for my calling. I had to keep moving forward and let go of the unknown. Once I was able to call, our lawyer most of my fears seem to be at easy. It is highly unlikely (like completely ridiculous) that we will loose our house or our only car. Thankfully the lawyer provided to us seems calm and very confident. He knows the lawyer of the other guy and his lawyer is known for taking car accident cases to court.

But we still had to wait. We needed an actual court summons in order for anything to move forward. Apparently, we should have received this court summons last May but the guy suing us kept putting it off for whatever reason. Until we are served this document, there was no moving forward but rather sitting allowing the shock to eventually wear off and the reality sink in.

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